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Tailor your learning experience to what is relevant and timely in your life and personal development. inviteCHANGE Learning Cloud offers convenient and affordable 1 hour courses (delivered in 20 minute sections), accessible 24/7 via our asynchronous dashboard. 

Courses may be purchased individually or bundled for a discount. Enterprise customers can also purchase for groups and teams. 


Adopt a Coaching Mindset >

Sustain trust and generate healthy relationships that are respectful and co-creative. Learn to perceive and accept yourself and others as already whole, resourceful, capable, and creative. We are much more than any situation or circumstance.

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Manage Like a Coach >

Learn how asking before telling builds trust and transforms your team’s effectiveness. Adopt a different way to manage for better collaboration and results. Be more aware of habits that block trust and choose new ways to generate respect and teamwork

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Be Authentic at Work >

Learn how to bring who you are becoming with consistency, congruence and courage to your workplace. Expand current notions of a fixed destination into a kaleidoscope of potential, connecting you to colleagues no matter the context or circumstances.

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How to Team as a Leader >

Gain credibility, trust and followership while expanding capacity in the teams you lead. Learn to construct psychological safety in your workplace and recognize where obstacles prevent the team from potential. Expand your curiosity, deep listening and self-awareness.

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Practice Judgment, Not Being Judgmental >

Replace judging with discerning to perceive how to get what you want. Perceive useful choices as you expand what you pay attention to, including ideas and people that disrupt your preferences. Be willing to be disturbed and grow exponentially.

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Partner with Your Self Talk >

Acquire the skills to recognize your negative self-talk and reframe into healthy dialogue. Learn how to effectively evolve your inner critics’ negative point of view with tools that foster positivity and enhance your thinking, creativity and self-appreciation.

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Get Feedback You Want >

Discover how to ask for the feedback that creates reciprocal benefit. Learn how to think about what’s good for you and good for the other person. Adapt your thinking to ask questions that set up a win-learn conversation focused on new solutions.

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Challenge Ideas without Getting Fired >

Claim your personal brand of boldness that invites engagement rather than rejection. Learn to navigate complex and ambiguous scenarios in service to the greater good. Become fluent in the inclusive, progressive and enlivening language of ideas.

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Get Free from Micromanagement >

Replace your perceived need for control with autonomy that uses your creativity fully. Discover the value of being proactive and transparent about how you fulfill mutual needs. Get tools to help you earn and give respect for competency and reliability.

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Take Charge of Your Self-Development >

Design your best life of learning and leading. Become proficient at evaluating what is next for growth in your confidence, competency & self-empowerment. Increase purpose-filled living to thrive in any venue you choose to be present.

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Self-Market Without Being Arrogant >

Master the skill of publicizing your leadership, creativity and achievements while evoking celebration and appreciation from others. Develop the mindset essential in recognizing and appreciating how accomplishments occur in tandem with others.

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inviteCHANGE has a 20+ year track record providing robust and dynamic learning experiences tailored to your needs. You receive customized solutions via online video conferencing, in person, or in combination.

Our focus for you is clear: to accelerate adoption of more effective methods of management and leadership and to better align your teams across the enterprise.

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