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2023 Vanguard Webpage Banner Cropped

2023: Tensions of Presence

Leaders at the vanguard of ideas and change inspire us to loosen our grip on the comfortable status quo in favor of exploring new possibilities that better align with the altering patterns of our personal and professional lives. As we shape a world where people love their life’s work, this live conversation series showcases global leaders who embody the curiosity and discernment that stimulates a new relationship with change.

Join CEO of inviteCHANGE, Janet M. Harvey, MCC, and her co-host, Garry Schleifer, PCC for one or all parts of this 7-event program to build your roadmap for how to have a different kind of conversation with your peers, clients, and communities. Each session will count towards a CCE hour. 


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Register below for each event via LinkedIn:


Didn't make it live? No worries! Come back here to watch the video playbacks.

WATCH: November 17: Apathy ←→ Inspiration

WATCH: October 6: Competition ←→ Collaboration

WATCH: August 18: Control ←→ Agility

WATCH: July 14: Entitlement ←→ Self-Responsibility

WATCH: June 2: Conformity ←→ Contribution

WATCH: April 21: Resistance ←→ Risktaking

WATCH: March 10: Conflict ←→ Breakthrough