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Leader & Team Development

Generative Conversation

Better Conversations → Better Culture

Enterprise Solutions Invite Generative Conversation

TREAT others in a new way, a generative way, that promotes a welcoming and inclusive environment.

  • Translate engagement into workplace focus and purpose-driven contribution.

  • Replace costly workplace drama with direct, accountable team interactions.

  • Elevate workplace trust between every person and team member.

  • Accelerate outcomes by being a positive influence on team morale.

  • Tap into workforce potential through compelling invitations to initiate and innovate.

Learn and adopt an easy way to create a common language for effective communications, building trust, and productive relating that transforms destructive leadership behaviors into healthy, psychological safety. One mindset, four skills and one framework.

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GCS Model
The 4 steps

Who This Program Serves:

  • Anyone leading people to produce positive business results and recognize the important of effective communication to a thriving workplace climate and culture.

  • Leaders who want to inspire and develop constructive leader behaviors across the enterprise that feel confident with the uncertainty and ambiguity of change.

  • Leaders at any level who seek more effective business outcomes from the frontline team who engages customers to the executive team guiding the path to the future.

Outcomes of the Experience

Your leader candidate:

  • Adopts a mindset that invites stronger teaming to optimize talent potential.

  • Values curiosity for learning that allows others to share and use their expertise.

  • Embodies confidence to deliver feedback that supports continuous self-development.

  • Gains methods to inspire team members meet the change challenge of the future.

  • Engages in conversation that breaks through resistance and produce accountability.



  • Option 1: Self-managed, multi-media and interactive format via private dashboard
  • Option 2: Ten hours self-managed learning plus 3 hours virtual cohort learning
  • Option 3: Thirteen hours of virtual cohort learning over seven weeks
  • Option 4: Thirteen hours of onsite learning, create a schedule tailored to the culture

Call us for a proposal and enterprise pricing schedule.


Adaptive Solutions

inviteCHANGE has a 25+ year track record providing robust, generative learning and coaching experiences tailored to the development you desire . You receive customized solutions via online video conferencing, in person experiences, or a combination, optimizing your time and creating immediate value to your business goals.

Our focus for you is clear: to accelerate adoption of more effective methods to manage and lead yourself that better aligns your engagement with teams across the enterprise.

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