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Leader & Team Development

Generative Coaching: Teams

Activate Teaming Excellence: Collective Intelligence, Accountability, Synergy

Enterprise Solutions Generative Coaching for Teams

Organizational leaders who commission teams often place great hope in the power of synergy, that a team will fulfill the folk wisdom that promises, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Being purposeful with team processes supports effective autonomy in any collective of people:

  • Strengthens accountability

  • Accesses valuable collective intelligence

  • Delivers on the promise of synergy

When developed over time, teams collectively self-regulate and self-reveal the essential dynamics for healthy collaboration and sustaining creativity necessary to deliver on the team’s shared purpose.

Teams that learn to perceive how the enterprise system influences their work, originate thinking and create solutions that account for healthy and productive interconnectivity across the enterprise. System level learning in a team increases the probability of success and the desired impact on enterprise outcomes.


  • Enterprise team members who recognize that interpersonal dynamics, and individual rather than collective mindsets, produce drag on performance and the team seeks to restore flow and generativity that sustains high performance, no matter how much change and uncertainty occurs.

  • Enterprise leaders with many teams reporting to them who seek to transcend command and control approaches with teams and liberate autonomous teams who enthusiastically accept responsibility for their authority to fulfill a shared purpose and drive enterprise outcomes.

The Teaming Experience

Generative team coaching evokes a deeper understanding of what blocks creativity, learning, and producing new and more original results: interpersonal dynamics and interference in their way of working. That’s why the changes that occur through team coaching sustain a new level of high performance and contribution.

  • A generative approach for teams orients to what the enterprise expects a team to deliver. What is central in all team coaching interactions are processes that evoke clarity about the team’s shared purpose and create awareness for how team member unique strengths and the integration of those into a set of collective strengths, generates productivity improvements and sustaining effectiveness.

  • The generative coaching intervention for a team provides a data driven approach that examines the system view of effectiveness and influence by the team upon key stakeholders. Development of teaming agreements sustain effective engagement when working without the coach, and resource teams to adopt quickly to changes in the enterprise environment. The team’s development plan is crafted collaboratively with links to enterprise performance indicators for the delivery of the team’s shared purpose.

  • Teams accelerate getting work accomplished by removing interference that arises from invisible cultural norms, reliance on historical habits and preferences that no longer support the current environment and exploration of biases that limit perceiving potential let alone opportunities for ingenuity.

  • To become self-revealing and self-regulating, the team members must learn to perceive what motivates their thinking, feeling, intuiting, sense-making and ultimately outward communicating with each other and the enterprise. This supports teams to focus development in the areas of best potential given their shared purpose. Various assessments are deployed to establish a character and activity baseline for the team that may be used to also measure progress over time.


Standard 9 Month Engagement

  • On demand partnership with 30 scheduled coaching hours

  • Tri-weekly, 90-minute sessions across to ensure integration of team learning and sustaining behavior change.

  • Live virtual; onsite by request

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Adaptive Solutions

inviteCHANGE has a 25+ year track record providing robust, generative learning and coaching experiences tailored to the development you desire . You receive customized solutions via online video conferencing, in person experiences, or a combination, optimizing your time and creating immediate value to your business goals.

Our focus for you is clear: to accelerate adoption of more effective methods to manage and lead yourself that better aligns your engagement with teams across the enterprise.

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