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Coaching Education

Mentor Coaching

Connect To Your Mastery & Unique Coaching Style

Mentor Coaching Block

As pioneers in this professional practice since 1997, inviteCHANGE transfers awareness and skills to cultivate your inner coach awareness so you may provide this profound capability to your coach-clients. This occurs because we focus fully on development, what motivates the courageous choice as adult professionals to develop, and ultimately to change.

No matter what stage of the professional coaching journey you are at right now engaging with an inviteCHANGE Certified Mentor Coach provides a satisfying, uplifting solution and pays dividends daily.

  • Engage a peer who has pursued specific training to support your reflection on your coaching delivery to recognize natural strengths to leverage and areas of mindset and skills to expand and deepen.

  • Safely explore internal habits, preferences and biases that limit your artful mastery ethical issues and effective relationship management that is the basis for your to consistent demonstrate quality and sustainable excellence. 

  • Enjoy partnership, that can contain and resolve emotional barriers and mental blinders that evoke frustration, uncertainty, doubt, and ruptures in client relationships.

An inviteCHANGE Certified Mentor Coach is... 

A wise and trusted support influencing and inspiring excellence in core competency development for other coaches

An inviteCHANGE Certified Mentor Coach… 

A commitment in equal parts to collegial partnership, synergy, and excellence, contributing to a dynamic legacy that serves the future of professional coaching with integrity, rigor, and passion.

Outcomes Of The Experience

As a participant you:

Gain access to a safe, confidential peer-based partnership.

Access a reliable pause in your work to engage in deeper self-reflection, self-learning, and self-regulation.

Explore the patterns of engagement you practice and discover what to amplify and what may be ready for evolution.

Clarify and affirm the philosophy, principles and practice that express your coaching practice and guide how you embody your authentic presence with clients.


During Individual Mentor Coaching:

Sessions are available from any one of the inviteCHANGE Certified Mentor Coaches for one hour or a series of sessions.
NOTE: ICF requires that you engage in mentor coaching for at least a period of three months or more as you satisfy the 10-hour requirement for credential and/or renewal application.

A private online Dashboard provides access to video and written profiles to make your selection.

  • That same Dashboard provides additional features:

Scheduling sessions

Exchange of materials

Upload, transcription, and annotation of your 30-minute client coaching sessions (RaeNotes software)

Access to mentor coaching session recordings on demand.

During Group Mentor Coaching:

Sessions occur in groups of 3 to 8 people.

One, 1-hour session is dedicated to cohort cohesion and establishes the process elements for the cohort.

Four, 90-minute sessions offer opportunities to coach, witness coaching, offer feedback, refine perspectives on how to strengthen demonstration plus preparation for submission of a credential application including how to select suitable recordings.

Working in a group provides a systemic, holistic view of your coaching in the fishbowl that benefits everyone in the group to broaden perspective and understanding of options to strengthen competency demonstration

Meet Our Delivery Leaders

Program Details



    • Mix and match to satisfy the ICF requirement for a total of 10 hours with any credential renewal application.

    • Access to 14 inviteCHANGE Certified Mentor Coaches to tailor your experience.

    • Delivered via live video for convenience, privacy, and recording access for post-session review.


Individual Mentor Coaching

$350 per hour-long session

Purchase your desired quantity up to 10 sessions

Group Mentor Coaching

$1575 for 7 Group session hours

Pay in full, or $100 deposit with two payments of $737.50.

Groups will be split up based on credential and desired purpose of mentor coaching (subject to enrollment):
- Those seeking first credential
- ACC seeking to renew or develop
- PCC seeking to renew or develop
- PCC seeking new credential and MCC seeking renewal

For The Boeing Company Employees

Registration Information

Individual Mentor Coaching

Jan 1, 2024–Jan 1, 2025

After purchasing, you will be set up with a dashboard allowing you to review available coaches, select your coach(s), and schedule with them directly.

Group Mentor Coaching

Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

Sep 24, 2024–Oct 22, 2024

Weekly on Tuesdays
September 24: 7:30-8:30pm US Eastern
October 1 - October 22: 7:30-9:00pm US Eastern

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