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Graham Segroves, PCC

Seattle, WA USA
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Coaching types: Business & Corporate, Leadership & Executive

inviteCHANGE licenses: Certified Mentor Coach

Leading effectively demands mature judgment, emotional and social intelligence, and the courage to take action without certainty when stakes are high and time is short. Graham helps leaders activate more of their own courage, wisdom, and joy so that they can make mindful choices and deploy their best leadership more often. Typical engagements address executive development in the following areas: identify overused patterns of thought to generate more leader choice; connect emotionally to inspire and lead people through change; awaken to energetic and somatic (body) data to embody intentional executive presence; spark creative imagination about future vision.


With over 20 years of experience leading and influencing fast-paced, global organizations, Graham helps executives generate real-world outcomes that matter and delight. At Boeing, Graham coached more than 250 vice-presidents, senior directors, and directors who were transitioning into new roles or accelerating to reach potential – often while they faced distinct challenges related to their diversity factors. His clients from 10 countries included executive leaders with deep technical expertise in manufacturing, engineering, technology, sales, and finance functions. He also coached leaders of national security agencies following his 10-year staff career at the Central Intelligence Agency, where he managed intelligence officers and received awards for leading a diversity & inclusion startup.


Graham holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations and foreign languages from the University of Delaware, as well as master’s degrees in foreign language education from the University of Delaware and in international affairs from the George Washington University. He also holds a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University.

Graham is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach with more than 9 years of coaching experience, primarily in organizational and executive leadership engagements. Coaching competency is supplemented with accreditation in Mentor Coaching, in assessing ICF credential applications, and in numerous leadership and team development assessment tools, including the Hogan Leadership Forecast™ Series, Leadership Circle Profile™, and Insights® Discovery.


  • Expatriate IT Senior Director coached for integration into U.S. parent organization culture with greater confidence and more inspirational style; turned around struggling organization while earning high engagement scores, then led a startup innovation effort followed by VP promotion.
  • Engineering Director new to executive level coached for balancing strategic thinking and team empowerment with detailed execution and accountability; team stewarded superior improvements in health & safety measures in first year, contributing to both an external award for the company and individual recognition from the employee union for partnership and positive workplace impact.
  • Experienced finance leader promoted to facilities strategy role outside her home function, coached for peer influence and executive presence; successfully advocated for significant cost savings decisions, contributing to a promotion to manage the company’s second-largest facility.
Graham Segroves, PCC