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Coaching Education

Certification for Mentor Coaching

Cultivate Inner Coach Awareness

Certification for Mentor Coaching ICF CCE

inviteCHANGE has been a pioneer in both developing competencies and an educational program for mentor coaching. 

As an ICF Accredited coaching educator since 1997, we introduced our competency model to the global market in 2007. Our contributions have helped shape the foundation that ICF employs today to define effective mentor coaching.

    • Discover and embrace the qualities of a mentor coach who engages coach-clients with respect, collegiality, and a willingness to learn and grow.
    • Develop the skill to tap into your inner coach observer and confidently translate your observations into valuable feedback that empowers your coach-client's progress.
    • Master the globally recognized inviteCHANGE Mentor Coaching Competencies through practical application and demonstration.
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    • ICF certified coaches at any credential level who want to work with fellow coaches for skillful development.
    • Leaders of internal coaching programs aiming to enhance ethical standards among internal coaches through mentor coaching.

    Outcomes Of The Experience

    As a participant you:

    • Experience a collaborative learning environment where everyone participates as mentor coaches, observers, and practitioners, sharing development feedback verbally and in writing.

    • Enhance your communication and relationship skills, mastering mentor coaching competencies that reinforce the demonstration of ICF core competencies.

    • Adopt the finest techniques and traits of skilled Mentor Coaches while maintaining your individuality as a practitioner and peer.

    • Apply your learning promptly and confidently through fieldwork with peers, ensuring a seamless integration of the developmental mentor coaching approach.

    • Utilize provided forms and recommended procedures to establish Mentor Coaching as a professional service for both individuals and groups.

      Meet Our Delivery Leaders

      Program Details

      • 6 Month Program.

      • 2 Hour Live Video Sessions convene weekly for four sessions and then bi-weekly for ten sessions to support peer practice outside of sessions that accelerate integration of skills.

      • 28 hours are delivered as synchronous, and 8 hours as asynchronous

      • 28 hours are accepted as core competency education; 3 hours may also be counted toward necessary Ethics education for credential renewal.

      • 7 group mentor coaching hours may be counted toward credential renewal; additional individual mentor coaching hours can be arranged during your peer practice sessions.

      • 8 hours are accepted as resource development and are associated with the structure and process for mentor coaching as part of your business portfolio


      36 Contact Learning Hours - $3,750

      Pay in Full or $100 deposit plus 5 monthly payments of $750

      • There is no penalty for early payment of tuition in advance.
      • Payment plans may also be negotiated to begin in advance of the program start date to reduce monthly payment amounts
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      For The Boeing Company Employees

      Registration Information

      Certification for Mentor Coaching Fall 2024 AM

      Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

      Oct 28, 2024–Apr 21, 2025

      October 28 - November 18, weekly
      December 2, 2024 - April 21, every other week (Break 12/30/24 and 1/6/25)
      10:30am-12:30pm US Eastern, Mondays

      Certification for Mentor Coaching Fall 2024 PM

      Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

      Oct 28, 2024–Apr 21, 2025

      October 28 - November 18, weekly
      December 2, 2024 - April 21, every other week (Break 12/23, 12/30/24 and 1/6/25)
      8:00pm - 10:00pm US Eastern, Mondays

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