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Be. Choose. Cause.

Meet Janet

Janet M. Harvey, Best Selling Author of the award-winning leadership and coaching book, Invite Change - Lessons from 2020, The Year of No Returnis CEO of inviteCHANGE, a coaching and human development organization that shapes a world where people love their life’s work. Janet has trained and coached leaders at Fortune 500 companies, across 6 continents, for more than 25 years.

An early adopter for creating a coach-centered workplace, she has worked with global organizations and teams of leaders to transform and establish a resilient, high-performance culture that sustains excellence through a generative coaching approach. 

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Janet is available as a Keynote speaker for both live and virtual events, and is currently on a virtual, worldwide, book tour with ICF chapters around the globe.


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From Tension to Transformation, pre-order at Amazon.com.

From Tension to Transformation

The modern working world doesn’t leave much time for reflection. Leaders, in particular, are encouraged to speed ahead, make quick decisions, and seek swift solutions to any problem that may arise. However, the full-speed-ahead approach can backfire. 

Executive coach Janet M. Harvey has worked with leaders and teams around the world to explore the common tensions that arise in the workplace. 

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Janet has experienced that the secret to having your biggest breakthrough is reconnecting with your authentic self, the essential qualities, traits, and values that form the uniqueness of each person. When that happens, transparency that connects, heart-to-heart and invites the unlimited potential of each human being is liberated

“Janet is an amazing woman! It is so easy to be in conversation with her, exploring the topics of our lives. She is brilliant, articulate, knowledgeable and passionate. Listening and being with Janet is like enjoying a lovely cup of tea, satisfying and rejuvenating.”

- Garry T. Schleifer, Publisher 

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Being better humans together requires claiming a true self first and then choosing to live inside out as we transform, evolve and regenerate with resiliency. As Janet shares, “coaching in its many forms has at its root the effect of awakening consciousness and doing so in a highly accelerated fashion that sustains. Living inside out, aware and awake is the beginning of a path of authenticity. This occurs when you invite enlivening wonder in place of doubt, choice in place of stuckness and courage to engage others in place of isolating incivility."

“Janet Harvey doesn’t just cope with change; she invites the unknown and uses its transformational power to create new worlds for herself and others. A compelling speaker, she combines deep wisdom and practical knowhow so that you want to move through what holds you back and live the life that calls to you. No phony motivational, empty hype here; Janet knows how to move people from mediocre to magnificent.

- Gail Larsen, Founder, Real Speaking®

Author, Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story



When you invite, rather than be at the effect of change, choice, courage, civility and confidence become resources for effective leadership. 

As a visionary leader in the global professional coaching industry, Janet Harvey is an International Coaching Federation master certified coach and accredited educator who has engaged adults, teams, and global enterprises for 27 years to invite change that sustains well-being and excellence. 

"Some of the greatest benefits that come from my work with inviteCHANGE and with Janet Harvey in particular, has to do....first with me and the way I lead. I’m a more thoughtful, conscientious leader. I feel better able to understand and make some choices based on an understanding about how i will engage my own executive leadership team."

- Scott Armstrong, President and CEO

Group Health Cooperative

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Invite Change: Lessons from 2020

Janet M. Harvey’s, Invite Change, is born from her decades of work coaching C-suite, people managers, and leaders who care deeply about solving personal, professional, and social changes at their very root. The purpose of this book is to challenge the status quo, provoke discussion, and quench a thirst for something different in the way people contribute and influence their workplaces and their communities.

What People Are Saying About the Book...

"In addition to skillfully laying out a roadmap for change, this book also extends an invitation for each of us to change our lives and become sovereign leaders of self. The reader will walk away with a new understanding of the coaching experience and will see clearly how the generative coaching process can move their organization or business squarely into the 21st century."

Reverend Esther Jones-Alley, ICF Professional Certified Coach

"This book emerged in late 2020, when for the first time in written history, the entire globe shared space on the suffering spectrum: from ‘inconvenient’ to ‘life altering’, exposing ourselves to ourselves. Janet pulls no punches in inviting us to face into our cultural challenges. It’s going to take courage, honesty and vulnerability. Are we willing? Each individual response matters."

Patricia Marum, CCS, CHIC, PCC, MPA

“This book offers a masterful and practical journey to joyful collaboration and contribution. The pull of “sovereignty” - to be master of my destiny - is clear and compelling.

Thank you, Janet, for your contribution to my life and to our world.”

Morel Fourman, CEO, Gaiasoft International; President, International Coach Federation Foundation