Archetypes at Work™

Conscious Evolution for Individuals, Groups and Organizations

Archetypes at Work™ is a cutting-edge method to assess and develop people and organizations to become fit for the future.

This comprehensive framework assists you to recognize and understand 'what's really going on' in individuals, teams and larger organizational systems. Both practical and accessible, the system combines psychological depth with a unique creative experiential approach to personal and professional development.

Archetypes are the underlying patterns of human nature and experience that are, often invisibly, “running the show.” They deeply inform the character we present to the world and the culture of any group, team or organization. The better we understand these underlying patterns and the more consciously we use them, the more effective you will be.

For Human Development Professionals*:

  • Identify your human development strengths and what you bring most to your client and customer engagement.
  • Recognize areas to develop and enhance these qualities to become a more versatile professional.
  • Recognize archetypal traits in others and adapt your style to improve interactions, partnership and positive impact on development.
  • Join a community of leaders on a continuous development journey.

*Coaches, Consultants, Educators, Trainers, Human Resources/Talent Management, Therapists, Social Workers, etc.

For Leaders:

  • Identify your leadership strengths and what you bring most to your organization.
  • Recognize areas to develop and enhance these qualities to become a more complete leader.
  • Recognize personality traits in others and adapt your style to improve communication.
  • Join a community of leaders on a continuous development journey.

For Organizations:

  • Develop a common language within team members and across the organization.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in project team composition and how to optimize.
  • Deepen understanding of workplace values and ethos as embodied daily.
  • Build a culture of giving and receiving authentic feedback and communication.


The Archetypes at Work™ Guild encompasses a network for the larger Archetypes at Work™ community as well as specific and advanced training for Facilitation, Coaching and Consultancy in the Archetypes at Work™ method.

The Guild is open to those seeking to further their professional development by becoming a Guild Member. You can apply to the guild if you are a professional who works with people, especially a coach, consultant or HR specialist.

For Leaders and Individuals: Online Immersion Programs

Find out how Archetypes can support growth in individuals and teams as they navigate their personal and professional lives. Whether you wish to explore one or two leading Archetypes and the pitfalls of presenting 'too much', or discover those more 'off-stage', and what happens when they don't show up, this deep dive into the 10 Archetypes will help master your own journey of self-development.

Use the Archetypes at Work™ method in your Practice

The Archetypes at Work™ Guild has been developed so that coaches, mentors and facilitators can successfully use the Archetypes in their own work. Use the Archetypes for your clients' own personal development journey and learn how to facilitate groups and teams within organizations and the professional development world. Discover the many benefits of the guild, including becoming a recognized practitioner.

Pathway to becoming an Archetypes at WorkGuild Member as a Practitioner

  • Completed Archetype Online Immersion workshop with attendance in at least 8 Archetypes.
  • Minimum 3 Practitioner Trainings: APR, Coaching and Facilitation
  • Evaluated written 800-word assessment

Journey to the Guild


Archetypes at Work™ Guild Practitioner >

Become a Certified Archetypes at Work™ Guild Member with all its privileges and obligations

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Development Programs


Archetypal Preferences™ Report (APR) Debrief Certification Training >

Learn the ideas behind the Archetypes at Work™ method and learn how to debrief a client after they take the Archetypal Preferences™ Report (APR) assessment.

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Archetypal Development Online Immersion >

Dive deep into each Archetypes in this 11 session intensive.

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Coaching Training >

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Facilitation Training >

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