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Pavanne Chatha

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Pavanne is an Executive Coach and Facilitator working with teams and individuals internationally. She supports clients in senior leadership positions to focus on developing their behaviour to become more successful and effective leaders.

Pavanne Chatha

Pavanne teaches the Archetypes at Work™ Online Immersion Training, Coaching Training and the Facilitation Training on the Guild Practitioner Program. 

As a Coach Pavanne works with a Whole Systems approach. "We stand in many systems and are often impacted by hidden dynamics." Pavanne brings awareness to these dynamics using her experience with Archetypal Psychology, Embodiment work and extensive training in Organisational and Personal Systemic Constellations. "As a coach it is deeply rewarding to see the spontaneous transformation in another. It is a gift to see someone harness their strengths and ignite new potential as a Leader.

Pavanne held a previous career in Investment Banking where she worked in the Fixed Income and Equity Research Division of Deutsche Bank in London. Pavanne graduated from the London School of Economics with a BSc in Management Science.