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Adam Fotheringham

Adam joined Olivier Mythodrama in 2018, having previously worked in theatre as an actor and director, and in Further and Higher Education as a Drama Lecturer and acting coach.

Adam Fotheringham

He is a qualified Executive Coach and is skilled and experienced in working with both groups and individuals in pursuit of both self and professional development. In 2016 he created a transformational confidence and self-presentation programme called Be Seen, Be Heard, which has been delivered to hundreds of people in a variety of public and private settings, and as part of NHS provision and within local authorities in the UK.

Over the last three years, Adam has been part of the core team developing the archetype practice within OMA. He is a Founding Practitioner for the Archetypes at Work™ Guild, and Senior Programme Director for Archetypes at Work™.

He is currently also training as a Systemic Constellations practitioner.