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Archetypes at Work™

Archetypal Coaching Training

At a Glance

  • Six 4-hour live sessions
  • Delivered via live video for convenience, privacy and recording
  • $1560 USD

Archetypal Coaching is an integrated learning approach that works with Mind, Heart, Body and Imagination. It addresses behavioral problems at their roots. Sustained behavior change starts when the unconscious drivers of a behavior are discovered, understood, and linked to relevant archetypal Gifts and Shadows.

To be an effective Archetypes at Work™ Coach you will need to be able to inhabit any and all of the 10 Archetypes according to given situations—different aspects of our personalities emerge depending on the circumstances we meet. As clients go through transitions at work and in life, there is a call for their archetypal patterns to evolve. They will need to access new and different Archetypes to fully meet new situations.

You will learn how to awaken archetypal understanding in clients and enable them to consciously direct the archetypal players on their inner stages. In a collaborative inquiry you co-determine the new archetypal pattern that will best serve their new role or situation. You can then help clients activate this new pattern to make them truly future-fit.

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Program Overview

Beginning with an intensive analysis of your relationship to all 10 Archetypes as a coach, you will learn, participate in and practice unique techniques and processes at every stage over the 6 modules.

You will be offered a co-coaching partner and a practice triad to work with in between modules.

Session 1: Center Stage

  • Personal awareness: where is your archetypal equilibrium?
  • Your personal mythology: images and definitions of every Archetype
  • Diagnosis of self and others through the use of cards and further tools
  • Underlying preferences/precedence; combination implications
  • Archetypes as differing perspectives, thinking processes, postures, etc.
  • The practice and facilitation of presence: withdrawing to neutral

Session 2: Scripts and Manuscripts

  • Integration of a conscious immersion
  • Shifting archetypal states of being
  • Building your client’s personal archetypal blueprint
  • Scripting and Dramatizing: a new intention myth
  • Devising effective rehearsals in ritual and practice

Session 3: Behind the Scenes

  • The Shadow: background and context
  • Projection and transference
  • Exposing the archetypal Shadow
  • Establishing balance and alignment
  • Rehearsals and Q&A

Session 4: Casting

  • Identifying and energizing the issue, agenda and desired outcome
  • Co-relating the client’s concern and interest with the appropriate Archetype
  • The archetypal application of a traditional coaching model
  • Rehearsals and Q&A
  • Motivation, commitment and accountability

Session 5: Characters and Roles

  • Exploring combinations and joining forces
  • Exercise and practice
  • Aligning with the Sovereign
  • Renegade engagements for change

Session 6: Integration and Next Steps:

  • Review of the key coaching techniques
  • Co-coaching practice
  • Q&A
  • Development goals
  • Action plan
  • Guild benefits: staying in touch, ongoing support, Thought Leadership

Details and Enrollment


$1560 USD

PRE-REQUISITE: Archetypes at Work™ Development Online Immersion

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Led by Archetypes at Work™ Adjunct Faculty Members

Archetypal Coaching Training Cohort 9

Online Course Via Live Video Course Room

Jan 14, 2025–Feb 18, 2025

6 Tuesdays January 14, 21, 28 February 4, 11, 18 9am-1pm US Eastern / 2pm-6pm UK

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