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Leader & Team Development

Coach Centered Culture

Blueprint For A Thriving Workplace Climate

Enterprise Solutions Coach Centered Culture Blueprint

An effective and scalable internal coaching program occurs with deliberate thought, strategy, and endorsement from the highest level of an enterprise. Program leaders must articulate how a coaching program effects real change by equipping leaders to bring out the best strengths in the workforce to drive enterprise performance and growth.

Choose an eco-system approach that produces both agility and sustainability of the program solutions you choose to design because this clear, well-tested and collaborative nine-step process was built upon global best practices for excellence in enterprise coaching programs (ICF PRISM Award).

Coach Centered Culture

9 Steps

  1. Enterprise Readiness
  2. Strategic Direction
  3. Omni Communication
  4. Links to Impact
  5. Establish Goals & Measures
  6. Partner to Standards
  7. Develop Desired Capacity
  8. Learn What Works
  9. Perpetuate Growth

Our approach builds synergy and mitigates change resistance through full integration with existing talent experience processes and systems to accelerate acculturation. Three workshops are designed and delivered to reveal optimal enterprise strategy and a narrative that defines the desired measurable impact.

  • Blueprint Part 1: Anchor Organizational Readiness

  • Blueprint Part 2: Envision Program Elements

  • Blueprint Part 3: Roadmap for Implementation 


  • Leaders who recognize that by continuously evolving culture, the enterprise strengthens capacity for sustainable excellence across the system.

  • Leaders who initiate competitive advantage through bold engagement with the workforce that realizes and maximizes potential.

  • Leaders who seek a generative workforce that confidently produces positive change in the world through being creative learners that are courageously original and challenge the status quo.

Outcomes of the Experience

Your effective and scalable internal coaching program:

  • Connects the coaching strategy to an enterprise's mission, business goals and future vision.

  • Inspires tangible and sustaining sponsorship in the form of financial resources and active ambassadorship that motivates full participation.

  • Defines clear tactics to implement and measures to guide management and continuous improvement.

  • Integrates coaching into the culture of the enterprise so everyone can be open about receiving coaching and teams can capitalize on improved performance - individually, inside of teams, across the enterprise and during every customer experience.



  • Design and delivery of 3 workshops with key enterprise stakeholders ensures endorsement for the Blueprint.

  • All preparation materials, including administration of stakeholder surveys are provided in electronic and hardcopy formats.

  • Adopted Blueprint designs are translated into curriculum materials and delivery leader resources to implement a proprietary program.

  • Scheduled on demand, or as part of an overarching enterprise development program.

  • Optional: Guidance and support to produce an ICF Accreditation application for ICF Level 1 curriculum.

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Adaptive Solutions

inviteCHANGE has a 25+ year track record providing robust, generative learning and coaching experiences tailored to the development you desire . You receive customized solutions via online video conferencing, in person experiences, or a combination, optimizing your time and creating immediate value to your business goals.

Our focus for you is clear: to accelerate adoption of more effective methods to manage and lead yourself that better aligns your engagement with teams across the enterprise.

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