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Tilt 365 Top 100 Coaches

Several of our inviteCHANGE coaches received an exciting email this past month naming them to the Top 100.

Tilt365 founder, Pam Boney, PCC, is a friend, colleague, and affiliate of inviteCHANGE. The Tilt Suite of inventories is used throughout our generative work, as they reflect a holistic model. People are not simply a color, a number, or a set of letters. They are whole, resourceful, capable, and creative and through using the Tilt Character Inventory, clients re-claim their wholeness and work to embody the character strengths they may have left at the side of their pathway over the years. To consciously choose what strength(s) are best for a given context is agility and generativity and continues to evolve as we take on more, continuously improve and embrace our wholeness.

The Tilt team announced a new feature on their website - the Coach Directory!

Here’s a quote from the Tilt365 announcement: “Only the top 100 practitioners will be displayed on the new Tilt365 platform. The qualification for this is to have sold at least $3000 in assessments since certification. Our focus is on getting the tools out to the world by those who are using them in their practice. If you have sent clients directly to the website instead of buying them through your dashboard, write to us and tell us about those clients and we'll get you listed here too. We want you to shine and start getting more business from us, so this is a new feature that will help you grow your practice. We're busy at Tilt!!”

Congratulations to Janet M. Harvey, MCC, Jan Berg, MCC, Carl Franco, MCC, Steve Thorson, PCC and Sarah Graves, PCC for making the Top 100 list!

Evolve Yourself!

Sarah Graves, PCC

Sarah passionately and practically pursues the development of leaders through intentional, organic growth. She emboldens leaders to create an environment where management is expansive, willing to move with agility beyond comfort zones, and to champion the individual and collective genius within the organization. With teams in transition she inspires connection, realignment and forward progress within the awkward movements of the changing landscape. Her belief is that coaching is as essential an element for an organization as the product or service the company produces. “An employee who grows personally, grows professionally” and coaching seeds growth.
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