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Being at Work… Better than Before

Chief Relationship Officer, Sarah Graves, PCC discusses burnout in cross-functional teams as they return to the office, whether it's in person, virtual, or a hybrid!

Let’s talk about burnout.

In the past three years, the number of articles in Forbes, Inc., and Harvard Business Review has multiplied and each new article speaks more urgently than the last.

Even before Covid, there was concern about burnout in the workplace.

What is the current situation in June 2021?


As we look at the health risks of burnout and that stress has a $500 billion price tag in American business, some organizations are now threatening to take vacation days or cut pay to force people to come back to work.

As coaches, how do you get curious about the client/leader’s choices? Instead of increasing stressors and financial pressure, what opens up if s/he were to choose to open a channel to conversations with cross-functional teams including employees from the warehouse to technology, sales, operation all the way to the C suite—how would that align with core values and a commitment to being better than before?

What are the lessons that your client has learned through Covid-19? Beyond their experience, what’s been the employee experience? The customer experience? What would occur if time were spent in “genuine curiosity”? Translating the answers into your company’s “being better than before” embodies generative leadership. When curiosity becomes priority #1, solutions emerge authentically and organically that create job satisfaction, a psychologically safe environment, and a collaborative advantage in the marketplace.

"We are urgently called to action in two distinct capacities: to serve as hospice workers to a dying culture, and to serve as midwives to an emerging culture. These two tasks are required simultaneously; they call upon us to move through the world with an open heart as we experiment with new visions and forms for the future." - Will Keepin, Ph.D., president and executive director of the Satya Institute in Boulder, Colorado.


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Sarah Graves, PCC

Sarah passionately and practically pursues the development of leaders through intentional, organic growth. She emboldens leaders to create an environment where management is expansive, willing to move with agility beyond comfort zones, and to champion the individual and collective genius within the organization. With teams in transition she inspires connection, realignment and forward progress within the awkward movements of the changing landscape. Her belief is that coaching is as essential an element for an organization as the product or service the company produces. “An employee who grows personally, grows professionally” and coaching seeds growth.
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