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Is Your Ability to Navigate Change a Mindset?

Before we answer the question, what do we mean when we say mindset?

Complete the Change Mindset Inventory to receive your individualized report highlighting areas for you to explore and develop.

Mindset is your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that drive your choices and actions. Yes, change is a mindset and the great news is that mindsets can change. Your first step is to recognize the effect change has on you and your effect on others – then wanting to choose something different.

Why Now?

This past year so much changed in ways we did not anticipate nor had we ever experienced. The need to respond to the change exists everywhere and has become a strategic imperative for organizations. What’s the mindset that best serves you during change? Are your current beliefs, attitudes, and behavior working, or do you want to learn how to navigate change with more ease, certainty, and confidence? If it’s the latter, you are in the right place. At inviteCHANGE, we understand how change can be viewed as the villain – our objective is to provide you with the tools and capabilities to make change your ally.

Here’s How

The most powerful resource for change you have is your character strengths. Character strengths are your "superpowers" that you were born with and ones you develop over time; both nature and nurture that inform you how to think, feel and take appropriate action. The good news is you can add to what's gotten you here and learn to develop new character strengths to successfully respond to any change. This includes learning to combine traits and more effectively engage with others so that you navigate through change with agility, positivity, and resiliency.

Start Here

We know that change is a strategic imperative for individuals and organizations. That’s why we developed the Change Mindset Inventory. This tool provides awareness about your current mindset toward change. It is neither good nor bad – only information for you to learn about where you can make different choices around your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that support your partnership and mastery of inviting change.

Once you complete the Change Mindset Inventory you will receive a report highlighting the areas to further explore and develop. You are provided with choices— whether to proceed, to work with an ICF credentialed coach, and to choose what character strength is of greatest interest where you'll place your attention. Each choice helps you reach your potential for navigating change at a heightened level with the dynamic capacity to originate, create, learn and produce.

Be the cause of positive change in your organization.

Start with you and then pass it on to your team!

Complete the Change Mindset Inventory

Karen Steckler, PCC

Karen specializes in helping leaders at all levels navigate through the complexity of change with authenticity, choice and alignment. She brings an integrated approach to coaching and leadership learning that is grounded in research, applied behavior science, and life experience helping to create connected, collaborative communities for personal and organizational change.
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