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Esther Alley, PCC

Esther Alley, PCC

About Esther

Esther Jones Alley is a woman who has been walking her talk for a long time. She believes in the Oneness of Divine Love and the power of experiencing infinite possibilities. One of her main quotes, that she is known for is: “at any time you can make another choice!” She is passionate about helping others reach their highest dreams and live their most authentic life.

Esther is a Certified Spiritual Lifestyle Coach, One Spirit Ordained Minister, Empowering Workshop Facilitator, Author, and Poet. Throughout her professional career she has ministered and coached individuals on issues as varied as corporate politics, job dissatisfaction, family matters, parenting teens, lost love, challenging toddler behavior, and career changes. She uses a holistic approach when working with her clients to ensure a strong and solid foundation to build the coaching relationship on. Through Spiritual Life coaching she is able to bring all of the elements inherent her skills bank to the coaching process. She uses intuitive logic and vision to support and assist her clients through challenging situations. With finely tuned sensibilities she encourages her clients to go deeper within themselves for answers to their pressing issues. Divine wisdom and practical applications help her, and her clients co-create their most authentic life possible.

Esther has created and present a workshop titled “Cracking the Shell of Race-ism”. A 6-week module that is especially designed for people who do not identify as Black or African American to receive comprehensive information, historic examples, and cultural norm modes that demonstrate how Race-ism became a part of the structure of establishing America. Esther’s book, The Centered Life, A Spiritual Life Coaching Journey allows the reader to walk with Esther on her journey of becoming a Spiritual Lifestyle Coach and what the Coaching process looks like. It includes topics such as her near-death experiences, surrender, homelessness, forgiveness, gratitude, success, faith and so much more. It is available on her website and