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About Karen

Karen assists highly intelligent technical leaders to flourish through change. She understands they face challenges over and above the “business” challenges of their role. Many leaders have achieved great success through their individual efforts and now must achieve through garnering the contributions of others. In times of significant change leaders need to re-calibrate their definitions of success, re-establish existing relationships and create the optimum team culture - all while ensuring continued levels of service delivery. Additional skills and perspectives for enrolling and influencing others are valuable additions to their leadership assets.


Karen has 25+ years’ experience in coaching, consulting, training and facilitating in corporate organisations. In whatever role and for whatever project she supports the leader to establish a clear purpose and focus for their efforts to that purpose; to articulate this purpose clearly to those they need to enroll; and to put in place the structures and practices that align people to make their best contribution to that purpose. She ensures that the leader is equipped to both support and challenge as the situation and the person requires.


Karen holds a Bachelor of Education from Melbourne University, along with a Graduate Diploma in Workplace Coaching from Swinburne University. She is a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and has 3,500+ hours of executive, leadership and team coaching experience. In addition, Karen is trained in System Dynamics & Organisational Constellations. She has accreditations in The Leadership Circle, Genos EI, the Hogan Leadership series, Cinergy Conflict Management Coaching, Enneagram Coaching and more.

Success Stories

  • Coached newly appointed GM of Wells Operations in global of oil/gas company, a significant step from leading small teams up to 20 to 150+ in new role. Focus was her resilience as a role model particularly during start up in role to help establish her approach to leadership, manage resilience and transition to being the face of Wells’ Australian community. As the organization is matrixed, isolated in the overall portfolio and with direct line manager out of country an impartial, confidential and independent sounding board was vital to her. She successfully inhabited the new role and championed a number of high-value, cross-discipline initiatives in first year.
  • Coached Group General Manager, ANZ of a Fortune 150 diversified manufacturing company through his transition to Group President, Asia Pacific. This GM had a reputation for driving into the detail and for his “my way or the highway” approach to leadership. With a combination of 360-feedback and coaching he was able to adapt his ways of engaging his reports whilst maintaining the high standards for which he was hired.
  • Coached Managing Director, Australia/New Zealand/India with a reputation for being a directive, abrasive, "shoot from the hip" type of leader. The coaching assisted him build a compelling vision for the organization for the next 5 years by drawing the best from his leadership team and, through them, from his people. Through the coaching he developed high-level personal organization, communication and relationship skills and was able to support his relatively inexperienced leadership team to fully contribute to developing the vision and taking responsibility for its achievement.