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Laura Di Tomasso, PCC

Laura Di Tomasso, PCC

About Laura

Laura specializes in development of emerging and new leaders, seeking leadership excellence for themselves and for the organization. Creating a partnership with her clients, Laura unlocks leadership potential, whether they manage people directly or influence cross functionally. Clients gain awareness, clarity and grow into the true leader they are capable of being by taking constructive action. Laura believes in her clients and fully trusts the outcomes they will achieve via a coach approach.


Laura had a rich and diverse 30+ years of corporate experience in various positions of influence. Laura’s unique background provides a basis to identify with clients who are; high performance or high potential professionals seeking excellence in a corporate setting, new business owners transitioning from corporate positions and leaders looking for increases visibility, professional presence, confidence and performance. By using a generative approach to coaching, her clients discover an inner self and choose agility, self-responsibility and contribution by developing their character.


Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from William Paterson, part of the NJ University system.

Laura is an International Coach Federation, Associate Certified Coach. She received her Certified Professional Coach training with inviteCHANGE. Her coaching competency is supplemented with Tilt 365.


  • A Vice President in IT for a global organization left to start her own venture. Feeling she had hit the “glass ceiling”, she left to get away from the corporate world. Working with her to face her fears, she created four different companies including a non-profit to help professionals “step-up”. She now realizes she created her own glass ceiling. Her coaching journey has empowered her to believe in her ability to achieve anything she desires. She recently began strategic consulting business leveraging both her past and new experiences.
  • CFO for a non-profit organization and overextended mother, felt totally overwhelmed and unable to show-up fully to get the recognition she desired. After coaching, she took control of her life and began making her own choices. She is now making more money than ever and has a balanced life.
  • Software marketing manager felt he needed to leave his company to be able to do the work he truly desired. He now works for the same organization and created a new position doing what enlivens his full potential with the support of the c-suite.