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About Ram

I am an accidental coach, a culmination of multiple avatars spanning corporate leadership including helping to build and lead a multibillion $$ conglomerate, advise Governments, businesses and voluntary organizations, lose money as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, fulfilling the fantasy of a monastic journey with no Ferrari to give up, ending up as a coach, trainer, mentor , writer, speaker and busy body of sorts.

What drives is my passion to integrate the Western idiom of science and rationalism, with the Eastern paradigm of inner wisdom and spirituality. In the process, I try to integrate the way I coach and train, with a blend of quantum science, neuroscience, psychology both modern and Vedic.

People think I am crazy to talk about mindlessness, a concept rooted in Buddha's sunya, as opposed to its misinterpretation as mindfulness by a partly informed British scholar. Let's chat on how we can better serve ourselves by moving from mindful awareness to the mindless consciousness that the Hindu Buddhist scriptures speak about.