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Sharmin Banu, PCC

Sharmin Banu, PCC

About Sharmin

Sharmin specializes in coaching leaders and seasoned professionals develop their emotional intelligence (EQ) and leadership skills and helping them in career growth and transitions. She believes, the key to sustainable excellence is self-awareness and the ability to “search within ourselves” and align with our core values. Without this foundation, all other “how-to” training bears very little long-term value. Sharmin helps people tap into their intrinsic motivation, leading to the deeper levels of engagement essential for thriving in today’s world.


Sharmin has 20 years of diverse experience as an executive coach and as a technology leader. Sharmin’s clients include Executives and Senior Managers seeking leadership excellence in a corporate setting for increased collaboration and individual and team performance. Through generative coaching approach Sharmin helps her clients to create awareness, build new habits/skills resulting in greater leadership presence and more sustainable impact to the bottom line.


Sharmin holds a BS and MS in Computer Science. She is a proud Hokie from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

Sharmin is an International Coach Federation (ICF), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with extensive experience in executive and career coaching. Her coaching competency is supplemented with accreditations in EQ in Action, Organization & Relationship Systems at Work (ORSC), Leadership Models Essential for Organizational Coaches and Tilt 365.

Success stories

  • Vice President, coached for personal branding resulting in a new role and a promotion within three months, ahead of expected time, later coached to transition to the new role resulting in a smoother than anticipated hurdles in transition and a renewed commitment from the existing team.
  • Engineering Manager, coached for higher team performance resulting in recognition among the leadership and peer groups, higher workplace health index, and improved work-life balance for herself.
  • Technical Sales Executive, coached for next career move in 1-2 years; within 6 months successfully transitioned to a new role with a bigger scope and more alignment with his passion.