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About Susan

Everything in our work and personal lives boils down to relationships. This does not negate the importance of education, credentials, and competencies. How we perceive ourselves and others will influence behaviors and determine outcomes. Lifelong learning allows for deeper understanding of how perceptions evolve, and how we can adapt language that conveys understanding. Understanding does not necessarily equate to agreement, though it creates the route to constructive dialogue. Constructive dialogue leads to efficient and effective planning and execution.


Raised in Europe as the child of a diplomat required rapid assimilation of cultures, language and behaviors. The numerous ways people interpret information and choose behaviors is what led to a career path in helping others; initially as a psychotherapist in a large behavioral health system, moving to positions of manager, director, vice president, and chief operating officer. Following her 23-year career working for large employers, Susan launched her coaching, mediation, and training firm in 2001. She remains an adjunct faculty member of Johns Hopkins University.


Susan graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) with a double major in psychology and sociology. Accepted to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) as an advanced standing student, she graduated with an MA in Psychiatric Social Work.

Susan is a Certified Physician Leadership Coach through the Physician Coaching Institute and a credentialed executive coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF). Certifications in mediation were awarded from The Maryland Institute for Continuing Professional Education of Lawyers (MICPEL) and The Baltimore School for Mediation. Susan is a master facilitator and distributor for DiSC and the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). She is the founding president of ICF-MD and remains an active participant in the Harvard Medical School/McClean Hospital programs focused on coaching in healthcare.


  • CEO within a large healthcare system was coached throughout his final two years, from announcing his intention to retire through hand-off to his successor.
  • VP for Human Resources was coached during her initial 90-days at a national financial services firm. The primary focus was cultural familiarization and adaptation.
  • CEO of brokerage firm was coached as he moved out of the position of CEO into entrepreneurship. The primary focus related to time allocation between business development and delivery of client services.
  • CFO of manufacturing firm was coached out of the firm when it was determined that the exit would be beneficial to both the executive and to the firm.