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Be. Choose. Cause.

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Welcome to the official book launch team page for Janet Harvey’s new book, “Invite Change: Lessons From 2020 – The Year of No Return”. Janet's book is available NOW on Kindle and Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08P5PZ7T

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Janet Book

When is the last time you visibly and boldly challenged the status quo? It might be a tough question to answer. Uncertainty about what’s on the other side of the familiar and comfortable stops many of us from taking action. And yet, we continue to stay stuck, unaware of our roadblocks, and without a meaningful way forward. What can be done?

We must intentionally “invite change.” Janet M. Harvey’s, Invite Change, is born from her decades of work coaching C-suite, people managers, and leaders who care deeply about solving personal, professional, and social changes at their very root.  The purpose of this book is to challenge the status quo, provoke discussion, and quench a thirst for something different in the way people contribute and influence their workplaces and their communities.


    • Advance PDF copy of the book to read (for book review purposes)
    • FREE True Tilt Personality Profile (a $49 value)
    • Author Reading Circle Sessions

    • Invitation to Launch Team Virtual Release Party with the Author on 12/16
    • Private 30-min Launch Team Group Zoom Session with the Author


    • Read the Advance Copy - Read the PDF version of book we’re sending you before the official December 15 launch day. This will support you in writing a book review.
    • Pre-Order the Kindle Version – (optional) If you pre-order the book, Amazon’s algorithm will assign more value to your book review if you are a verified purchaser. Reviews from unverified purchases are subject to deletion by Amazon.
    • Write a Book Review – As soon as the book goes live on December 15, take a few minutes to write an honest review of the book on Amazon.com. If you have your own blog, we’d love for you to share a review on your blog with your audience.
    • Spread the Word – Help us spread the word during the week of the book’s release December 15-22. Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other social media platform you use. Tell everyone you know about how much you love this book!
    • Share Your Ideas – I’d love to hear your ideas on how we can get the word out about Invite Change. Email us at publishing@invitechange.com
    • Say Cheese -- When you receive your book, take a photo of yourself holding up the paperback or hardcover version and post on social media with a comment about the book.


    You can join the launch team completing this simple form. A PDF copy of the book will be sent to you immediately at the email address you provide to us. You’ll also receive instructions on how to access your FREE True Tilt Personality Profile (a $49 value) to use for yourself or to gift to a friend.


    December 1 to 14: Kindle Pre-Order Is Live

    Read Advance PDF Copy of the Book


    Author Virtual Launch Party 5:30-6:30 PM US Pacific

    December 15 to 22: Submit Book Review on Amazon

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    Excited to read @inviteCHG Janet Harvey’s new book, INVITE CHANGE: Lessons From 2020, The
    Year of No Return. #inviteCHANGEbook www.invitechangebook.com

    When was the last time you visibly and boldly challenged the status quo? Read #inviteCHANGEbook
    to help you answer that question! www.invitechangebook.com

    “Uncertainty about what’s on the other side of the familiar and comfortable stops many of us from
    taking action.” – Janet M. Harvey #inviteCHANGEbook Learn how to get unstuck

    Reading #inviteCHANGEbook will provoke discussion and quench a thirst for something different in
    the way people contribute and influence their workplaces and communities.

    “In a world on fire, flooded and in pandemic, 2020 became the year where we may only go
    FORWARD! It’s the year of no return”. - #inviteCHANGEbook by Janet M. Harvey

    Do you see 2020 as a lesson or an invitation? #inviteCHANGEbook
    CHANGE is not your enemy… #inviteCHANGEbook www.invitechangebook.com
    “Labeling change as the enemy keeps you imprisoned in antiquated belief systems, forgetting that
    you live in a world that is constantly changing.” – Janet M. Harvey #inviteCHANGEbook

    This book is a game changer! #BestSellerVibes #inviteCHANGEbook
    The pandemic of 2020 gave everyone on the planet a shared human experience at exactly the same
    time. #inviteCHANGEbook www.invitechangebook.com

    “We may not see it yet, but something extraordinary will emerge from 2020!” – Janet M. Harvey
    #inviteCHANGEbook www.invitechangebook.com