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Be. Choose. Cause.

Meet CEO Janet M. Harvey, MCC

Janet M. Harvey is a vanguard thinker, speaker, author, and the CEO of inviteCHANGE, a coaching and human development organization that shapes a world where people love their life’s work. With nearly 30 years of executive experience, Janet passionately believes in liberating each leader’s potential to optimize organizational performance.

Janet holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with a minor in Finance from San Francisco State University, as well as a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Development and Human Resource Management from the University of San Francisco. She is also an International Coaching Federation, ICF, credentialed Master Certified Coach, with 12,000-plus hours of experience, primarily in organizational and executive leadership engagements.

Janet served as a board director for the ICF Thought Leadership Institute (2020 & 2021), on the ICF Global Enterprise Board (2009-2013), as the ICF Global President in 2012, and as the Chair for the ICF Foundation Board (2010-2015).

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Book Janet to Speak at Your Next Event

Book Janet M. Harvey, visionary speaker, renowned CEO of inviteCHANGE and best-selling author, for your next event. With expertise in generative learning and coaching, she transforms organizations and establishes resilient cultures. Drawing on her wealth of experience, she cultivates leaders to sustain excellence through Generative Wholeness™.

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Books by Janet

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From Tension to Transformation

The modern working world doesn’t leave much time for reflection. Leaders, in particular, are encouraged to speed ahead, make quick decisions, and seek swift solutions to any problem that may arise. However, the full-speed-ahead approach can backfire. 

Executive coach Janet M. Harvey has worked with leaders and teams around the world to explore the common tensions that arise in the workplace. 

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Invite Change: Lessons from 2020

Janet M. Harvey’s, Invite Change, is born from her decades of work coaching C-suite, people managers, and leaders who care deeply about solving personal, professional, and social changes at their very root. The purpose of this book is to challenge the status quo, provoke discussion, and quench a thirst for something different in the way people contribute and influence their workplaces and their communities.

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Janet Harvey on Generative Wholeness™

Generative Wholeness™ means adopting the dynamic capacities to originate, create, learn, and produce results, so we live sovereign, with the freedom to express personally and professionally from our inner, authentic self.

Janet Harvey, CEO and Generative Wholeness Practitioner

Living in a state of Generative Wholeness™ empowers a person to sustain excellence, from the inside out. Wholeness arises from being generative. It’s what allows a person to step into life in new ways consciously and to change. By living in the state of being that is Generative Wholeness™, it’s possible to consistently choose positive changes that nurture vitality.

Janet harvey

The word 'generative' is a puzzle to many people, but if you look at the dictionary, it's pretty straightforward: it simply means continuously producing results

Where do you think creation comes from? It comes from new, original thinking. You let yourself use your imagination and your intuition to bring something forward that is a variation on a theme or is something nobody has ever thought of before. That original idea gets created and tested so that you can learn what's most useful and satisfying, and then produce that product, solution, or experience. 

That flow I've just described is being generative.

Janet Harvey