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Be. Choose. Cause.

Family planting a new tree for the future NXHF4 GA 1

What would it take for coaches to have a leadership role in protecting the planet?

  • Could coaches create a global movement planting 10 million trees in 3 years?
  • Could coaches raise awareness of communities and companies to plant trees together?
  • How easy and fun could it be to plant trees with your family, kids, friends, and clients?
  • What would it take for coaches to have a leadership role in protecting the planet?

Inspired by these questions, Coach4Planet wants to be a global movement of coaches protecting the planet by planting trees and catalyzing synergies to achieve the next level tipping point for tree planting.

Let’s Act Boldly Together Today


Coach4Planet was founded in January 2022 by Silvia Tassarotti and Janet M. Harvey, experienced coaches, and friends, who are both passionate about moving coaches into action to make the difference and create a positive legacy.

C4P is committed to support the SDGs of the UN, in particular n°13 Climate Action and n°15 Life on Land and the World Economic Forum’s, One Trillion Tree Initiative. We plan to expand partnerships as the way to accelerate implementation.


S Tassarotti Photo 1

As Partner of TCP Italy, Silvia has been a strategic consultant, trainer, mentor and executive coach to major companies for more than 25 years working internationally. With an MBA in HRM and MCC since 2004, Silvia strongly believes in creating a positive legacy by building communities based on generosity and giving. With Janet Harvey she is founder of Coach4Planet, a global movement to engage coaches in planting trees and be leader in climate change.

She is passionate about philanthropy and making the difference in the world working with international organizations to develop social impact projects, including ICF, currently as Secretary and GE Representative of the Thought Leadership Institute.


JM Harvey Photo 1

Janet M. Harvey, Best Selling Author of the award-winning book Invite Change - Lessons from 2020, The Year of No Return is CEO of inviteCHANGE, a coaching organization that shapes a world where people love their life’s work. An early adopter for creating a coach-centered workplace, Janet has trained and coached leaders at Fortune 500 companies, across 6 continents, for more than 25 years.

A board director for the ICF Thought Leadership Institute (2020-2021), Janet also serves on the ICF Global Enterprise Board and is an ICF Global Past President (2012), ICF Foundation Chair (2011-2014) a Certified Mentor Coach, and Accredited Coaching Supervisor.