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The philanthropic arm of inviteCHANGE

Our Coach Philanthropy Mission Statement

Coaches Care is the philanthropic arm of inviteCHANGE, connecting a global team of credentialed coaches with foundations and not-for-profits. The goal of social philanthropy: supporting leaders who create solutions to global issues around Climate Emergency, Healthy Communities, Human Trafficking, and Racial Equity in order to accelerate the teams’ results, strengthen processes and maximize the R.O.I. of the foundation’s funding to those teams in the field.

Read The Paper

Read White Paper: An Authoritative Report on Leadership Coaching in Nonprofits, written by Karen Steckler, PCC, and Kelley Russell DuVarney, PCC to understand the collective impact with the Coaches Care initiative and where we can all invite change to create greater impact for nonprofits and their leaders.

We activate

  • Coaching as a proven resource to amplify and accelerate non-profit organization leader effectiveness
  • Community of coaches who are willing and equipped to do social philanthropy and cause work
  • People/Processes: how individual team members interact with the project, each other and within themselves to maximize investments in the funded projects

About Coaches Care

We know that professional coaching is a transformative resource, proven to amplify and accelerate learning and forward action so that leader effectiveness grows and sustains. Coaches Care is an inviteCHANGE community service that deploys inviteCHANGE global delivery coaches (ICF Certified) to strengthen and support leaders who create solutions to global societal issues. This year is inviteCHANGE’s inaugural launch of Coaches Care, our coach philanthropy initiative. It is the strategy that sets up Coaches Care to become the philanthropic delivery arm of inviteCHANGE and was showcased during Community Day at the inviteCHANGE Be. Choose. Cause. 2020 Global Leaders Conference on September 9th, 2020.

Want to know how you can get involved as a Coach or a participating NPO?

What To Expect


Janet M. Harvey, Best Selling Author of the award-winning book Invite Change - Lessons from 2020, The Year of No Return, is CEO of inviteCHANGE, a coaching organization that shapes a world where people love their life’s work. An early adopter for creating a coach-centered workplace, Janet has trained and coached leaders at Fortune 500 companies, across 6 continents, for more than 25 years.

A board director for the ICF Thought Leadership Institute (2020-2021), Janet also serves on the ICF Global Enterprise Board and is an ICF Global Past President (2012), ICF Foundation Chair (2011-2014) a Certified Mentor Coach, and Accredited Coaching Supervisor.


Founded in 1997 by CEO Janet M. Harvey, recognized industry champion, inviteCHANGE (iC), has delivered generative learning and coaching experiences for leaders on a local, national and global scale. At the beginning of coaching as a unique industry, iC leaders contributed thousands of hours to the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) core competencies, ethics and principles to creating standards for effective coaching practice to ensure industry consistency and excellence. iC has trained thousands of individuals to become professional, credentialed coaches and to apply a coach-approach as leaders in organizations to create cultures where people love to work. iC has expanded its mission to include driving social progress through cause work by leveraging coaching to accelerate and amplify solutions beyond what was thought possible.