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Leaders at the vanguard of ideas and change inspire us to loosen our grip on the comfortable status quo in favor of exploring new possibilities that better align with the altering patterns of our personal and professional lives. As we shape a world where people love their life’s work, this live conversation series showcases global leaders who embody the curiosity and discernment that stimulates a new relationship with change.

Join CEO of inviteCHANGE, Janet M Harvey, MCC, and her co-host, Garry Schleifer, PCC with their five guest global leaders, for one or all parts of this 5-event program to build your roadmap for the liminal space that lies ahead of all of us on planet Earth.


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CIVILITY - September 20, 2022

Vanguard Conversation Civility

Archetypal education offers an experiential opportunity to discover the human patterns that define our lives. Those patterns hold the answers for how to navigate our increasingly disruptive economic, political, environmental, and societal experience. Many people ask others to practice civility as a solution for our social divisions, yet this often leads to silencing each other rather than dialogue that bridges from what is to what could be better. 

The world in 2022 calls forth the archetype of the Transformer, which “embraces deconstruction and even death as the compost out of which new beginnings will grow - over time.” Seeing the world through the timelessness of archetypes equips all of us to change in ways that align with life’s true passion and purpose.

Join Janet, Garry and our dear friend, colleague and global leader, Dr. Laurence Hillman, PhD as we explore this archetypal context for CIVILITY, the mindset essential for inclusive and respectful engagement that generates wholeness and belonging for all humanity.

JUDGMENT - November 15, 2022

Vanguard Conversation Judgement

Judgment has become judgmental, which weaponizes one of our most valuable human capabilities. The gift of judgment is discernment, the power to see what’s unknown on the surface because it has not yet emerged from within. When combined with the life themes that construct a holistic and systemic experience to explore our interconnected relationships, we liberate the power of courageous and conscious choose-making. 

Neil’s Wheel is an empowering tool for deeper self-reflection upon the stimulus for our choices and actions as well as the intent that fuels actions and inspiration to generate a life experience that makes sense and feels right for all.

Join Janet, Garry and our dear friend, colleague and global leader, Neil Scotton, PCC and Co-Founder of The One Leadership Project, as we explore this context for strengthening and celebrating JUDGMENT, the power of discernment essential to civility, choice, and our courage to challenge what keeps us from loving our life’s work.


CHALLENGE - April 19, 2022

Vanguard Conversation Challenge

Beyond empty posturing and campaign rhetoric that often maintains the societal status quo, practice social transformation that brings adversaries into dialogue through their common humanness. Challenging status quo is first a personal process and always occur within each person’s context and identity. Learn to talk about a potentially divisive issue without dividing, to state contrary opinions without pulling away from our mutual humanness. 

That we are also a global human society reminds us of our profound rippling influence with each choice to look beyond the familiar to the disturbing with curiosity to risk learning, over and over.

Join Janet, Garry and our dear friend, colleague and global leader, Dr. Shariff Abdullah, J.D. and Founder of Commonway, as we explore this context for CHALLENGE, to risk beyond fear so that we lift each other up and create a world that works for all living things.


Vanguard Conversation Choice

Your presence touches everything, without doing anything in particular, and ripples out toward many people, including some you will never know. Terrifying and exciting, knowing this makes being more deliberate a change worth cultivating. Open to ways that provoke your perspective about being conscious with each action. Learn to be authentic and generative so you may choose to live values aligned. 

Your voice matters more than you recognize and always carries the potential to cause reciprocal prosperity in the world.

Join Janet, Garry and our dear friend, colleague and global leader, Cathy Mott, MCC and CEO for Change Worth Cultivating, as we explore this context for CHOICE, the call to live and lead authentically and sovereign so every choice shapes the world to love your life’s work.

COURAGE - March 14, 2022

Courage new

This event has passed, but you can view the playback by joining the BCC Community and accessing the event details.

To effect transformational change in the way we live, and work requires a re-patterning or re-coding of the assumptions and beliefs that underpin our modern western culture. The effect of doing nothing you know – a viral pandemic, racial injustice, #MeToo, working virtually, the great resignation, crashing fertility and birth rates in the western world. These disturbing experiences generate a liminal space - a space in-between. In between what we have known for certain and what will yet be and is very uncertain.

Join Janet, Garry, and her dear friend, colleague, and global leader, Dr. Josie McLean, Ph.D,. and Co-Founder of the Climate Coaching Alliance, as we explore this context for COURAGE, the mental and moral strength to meet the world as it is with life-affirming compassion.

Join the Be Choose Cause community, and rsvp for any of the conversation series events you wish. Get access to playbacks and community resources.