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Alison Teal

2020 Be. Choose. Cause. Global Leader Conference Visionary Headliner

Eco-Ambassador, "The Female Indiana Jones"

Alison's Website

About Alison

Alison Teal is an explorer, author, eco ambassador, survivalist, surfer and film-maker who was named “The Female Indiana Jones” by Time Magazine. She travels the world with her pink surfboard made from recycled coffee cups on a quest to educate through entertainment in order to protect the greatest treasure on earth, our world waters. 

Alison graduated Summa Cum Laude from USC film school and created her own family friendly film series "Alison's Adventures" which she directs, producers, edits, and hosts. She has won international acclaim at film festivals across the world and spoke on stages from Ted Talks to Parliament and the Economic World Forum.

Alison was home schooled around the world by her adventure photographer parents – on the back of a camel, on Mt. Everest, or on a dugout canoe in the exotic and dangerous places on earth and through her books and films she aims to inspire the next generation of explorers and eco-warriors!

Alison was the first to complete the most challenging survival show on TV - Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid” - which is the highest rated series, and the second most watched show in the history of Discovery Channel. Alison has the highest PSR (Primitive Survival Rating) of season one.