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About Beth Egan, PCC

Known as The Growth Mindset Coach for expanding leaders, Beth helps clients expand their capacity by managing their energy more skillfully. That is the mental & emotional energy to accelerate their potential and fulfillment in leadership roles. As a Professional Certified Coach (BCC) and founder of Coaching Energy, Inc., Beth specializes in C-Suite, Emerging Leader & Women in Leadership executive coaching. With 21 years of experience as a Marketing & Capability leader for The Coca-Cola Company, she also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and brings over35 years of strategic and operational business experience to executive coaching. Beth is passionate about helping clients by challenging their assumptions to see through their blind spots, thereby accelerating their leadership potential & fulfillment. Her mantra is simple: great leaders never stop learning and growing! Beth served in Global Leadership roles at The Coca-Cola Company including advisor to the Global Culture Transformation Leaders Forum for the Office of the CEO, inspiring behavior change initiatives including Agile Methodology, TED Masterclass, and Organizational Growth Mindset. Additionally, Beth provides pro-bono coaching for first generation / immigrant college degree candidates on culture and career transition as well as non-profit professional women's organizations

Coaching Energy from Beth Egan on Vimeo.