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Charly Cox

Charly Cox

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About Charly Cox

Charly is the Founder of the Climate Change Coaches, a pioneering team from the UK who have created a compelling role for coaching in our rapidly changing world. They help people to change their mindset around the environment, and show how coaching skills can be applied to support people and organisations to change rapidly for the planet. Their work has shown that our big, global challenges can be coachable topics, which coaching skills can transform. Charly’s team have developed a cogent model for how coaching skills can create hopeful action at an individual and a systemic level for a healthier planet. The Climate Change Coaches train both professional coaches and those who are on the frontline protecting the planet, teaching us all how to move people out of powerlessness and into a collective sense of capability. Charly is also a working coach and an ICF PCC with over 2400 hours of coaching experience, which includes supporting humanitarian leaders during the Ebola outbreak of 2014 and again during coronavirus in 2020. Charly believes that coaches can play not just a soothing role but an energising one in helping our world to transform for the better. She lives in Oxford in the UK, and works with clients all over the world. Charly’s team are hands-on, practical and positive about the potential for coaching to make a big difference to the big challenges facing us. You will come away from her talk feeling inspired and galvanised.

Coaching is THE skillset for our rapidly changing decade. Using the live example of Coronavirus, Charly will show us which coaching skills can shift entrenched mindsets so that we can tackle big global challenges like climate change. She will share the Climate Change Coaches cogent model of how coaching can influence systems to change by building individual and collective resilience and capability. Charly will help us to understand how organisations and their leaders are changing and will discuss how coaches can become more adept at working with big themes like uncertainty and volatility, to stay relevant and better serve the leaders with whom we work. Charly's team have learnt a lot about what it means to coach and self-coach through big change, and she will offer practical tools for tackling the feelings of scarcity and threat that come with it. Charly’s inspiring style will empower us to choose the future we seek, and to stand more powerfully in what meaningful work really means to us. She will argue that when we do that, we not only build our own emotional resilience, but the resilience of our coaching practices, as we make ourselves more useful to the changing world. Charly will show us how our existing coaching skills can help people find their resourcefulness and capability at a time of global uncertainty, so that you can put them to use straight away. She will make a clear connection between coaching, behaviour change, change management and threats like climate change, and explain the importance of resilience, purpose and identity in our ability to manage big change well. Her session will include real coaching examples and skills development. Charly is an incurable optimist, and an inspiring public speaker, who will inspire you to get into action.