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About Grace Holden

Grace L. Holden isn’t one to shy away from her past. A survivor of child trafficking and a victim of childhood bullying, Grace has overcome countless obstacles on her journey to becoming a leading entrepreneur and public speaker.

A proud holder of a Master’s degree in Human Services, Grace is also a John Maxwell-Certified speaker, coach, and trainer that has shared multiple platforms as a keynote speaker and women's’ conference host. It’s thanks to Grace’s past that she has become the bold, audacious, inspiring, and fierce leader that she is today.

Entrepreneur, Leader, Public Speaker, and More Grace L. Holden is the founder and CFO of Real Champions League, LLC. This leadership and consultancy firm strives to motivate future champions that want to showcase their brand on a global platform. Through her own experience and down-to-earth professionalism, Grace wants to help others build and grow profitable businesses with their leaders’ strengths at the forefront. As a pitch competitions judge, she has even helped several clients prepare and win them with her warm personality and real-talk approach.

It’s all about personal growth and development and no one knows that better than Grace. That’s why she is also a manager of Blue Print For The CEO, LLC, a company whose goal is to help build and grow profitable businesses and great leaders. She is also an executive partner with the Les Brown Unlimited Team and an active member of her community. From her many experiences, she has also written best-selling books, including, Dirty, Ex-Ordinary You, and F.L.Y.: First Love Yourself.