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About Jacquelyn Aluotto

Jacquelyn Aluotto is a distinguished visionary. She is reputed as a hybrid human rights activist, anti-trafficking specialist, victims advocate, producer and thought leader. She integrates all these with innovative excellence. Her gift for merging the media and technology with shelters, non-profits, business, law enforcement and community based organizations, makes her valuable across many spectrums.

Jacquelyn deploys her unique set of skills to combat commercial sexual exploitation, poverty, and abuse. She speaks and lectures regularly to enlighten advocates, public officials, faith groups, and the general public concerning trafficking trends, policing deficiencies, disparities and on solutions to the plight of trafficking.

Jacquelyn has the ability to combine the grit of working against injustices and trafficking with high profile celebrities. She uses this skill to elevate the need for supportIng service organizations that work to transform communities in crisis. She is highly successful at creating conscious content that inspires engagement and mobilization for social impact. Jacquelyn is an expert at leading divergent entities to intersect for the purpose of innovative impact. She’s a compassion driven advocate and change agent. In 2000, she produced the ground breaking documentary “Not In My Back Yard”. Another example is, in 2010, she led the Breaking The Cycle USA effort. She also co-authored an amendment in collaboration with members of Congress for victims restitution, who were bought and sold on the Back Page website.

In 2018, when the second largest Precinct in the nation decided to build an Anti- Trafficking Unit, Jacquelyn Aluotto was hired for the job. Her multi-dimensional role included serving as Human Trafficking Liaison, as an Advocate for adults, children and their families, and as a connector to others in the network of care for trafficking victims.

Also in 2019, Jacquelyn was invited to participate in a congressional roundtable. The purpose was to discuss the dangerous activity surrounding trafficking. Aluotto presented footage from her in depth studies on border towns and made recommendations on new legislative changes necessary to protect children on the border. Her work was highly esteemed and has helped with the shaping on new strategies for saving lives on the border.

Jacquelyn works extensively with faith groups that are committed to fighting trafficking and serving victims. She is a frequently heard voice for educating faith leaders and program administrators who are seeking to learn and serve.