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About James H. Pogue, Ph.D

Dr. Pogue provides thought leadership to Leaders and organizations to address Race, Diversity, Inclusion and Bias; directly and significantly. He is the creator of The No Nonsense Experience, a four-part series of discussions on Race, Diversity, Inclusion and Bias designed to move Leaders and Teams to deep and impactful change.

His expertise and content delivery take the form of Keynotes ,Toolkits, Workshops, Webinars, or Executive Coaching. Each one leaving Leaders feeling “The RIGHT Kind of Uncomfortable”.

His military service, research, work as a change agent give him tangible examples of the critical balance between leaders and followers on teams. He provides leaders with highly engaged training to improve organizational behavior and the bottom line.

In his leisure time, he occasionally competes as a martial artist where he has five national titles, in addition to Silver and Bronze medals at the World Championships. Dr. Pogue has two daughters and six granddaughters.