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About Kathryn Pope, PCC

A hugely experienced and well known International Executive coach and Coach Supervisor with a strong commercial background in marketing and communications in global businesses. Kathryn works with individuals at the Board of Directors, C-suite, Executive and Senior Management levels, and their teams across a wide variety of sectors, to co-create, develop, lead and deliver their corporate strategies. A provocative thought partner, KP is endlessly curious, reflective and listens deeply. She encourages and enables leaders to access their deeper wisdom and skills for the benefit of the business. Intuitive, agile and yet sensible and pragmatic, she challenges leaders to stretch beyond their limiting beliefs and inspire themselves and others to go beyond their expectations and step into an emergent commercial space. She also supervises coaches to ensure they continue to develop personally and professionally and deliver their best in service of their clients. Kathryn and Alan are both experienced leaders, consultants and coaches, and have known each other for 20 years. They both enjoy collaborating. They created the model being shown at this conference after seeing how the challenges of 2020 affected their clients, and in particular their need for quick but effective ways to stay resourceful