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Latisa Be

Latisa Be


About Latisa Be

From an underprivileged child to a self-sufficient and phenomenal woman, Latisa Be has been inspiring and empowering women for over 15+ years to overcome adversity and become the women they want to be. She an U.S. Army Veteran, Author, and Grief Coach helping women who are emotionally exhausted to heal the wounds of the past so they can live a healthier and happier life.

She also works with organizations that support the growth and development of women, youth, and people of color to heal the things blocking their greatness. When she is not working with clients, she is hosting her TV show Overcoming & Becoming, a show that explores different dimensions of healing: mind, body, and soul. Check her out

Latisa spent 20+ years in Corporate America in various IT Leadership roles but after writing the Resurrection: Life After the Death of Your Child she uncovered her gift to help people heal. Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself, she fully embraced her gift and transitioned to a full-time grief coach