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Zu Dietzenbach

Zu Dietzenbach


About Zu Dietzenbach

Zuleide Dietzenbach, MBA, CCMP Change Management Consultant, Speaker, and Leadership Development Coach Affectionately known as Zu, she is a skilled consultant with experience utilizing Change Management methodologies, tools, and discipline to guarantee successful delivery and adoption of the business’ priorities. She loves connecting with people and helping them transition smoothly through change. Zu spent almost 20 years of her career with Bayer (formerly Monsanto),holding positions with a wide range of responsibilities in the areas of Finance, Global Trade and Compliance, and Supply Chain. She then transitioned to coaching leaders on how to lead change and engage employees, as well as supporting the implementation of several multi-million dollar global projects that required change with people, processes, and tools. Zu has lead accomplished teams to effectively build their organization’s change management capabilities, capacity, and agility through training, communication, coaching, and employee engagement. She prides herself in making sure that all organizational changes that she manages are well adopted and fully utilized. Zu lives in St Louis with her husband Jeff and their two kids Emily (10) and Daniel (4). With her free time she enjoys running, listening to music and spending time with family and friends