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BE. CHOOSE. CAUSE. Global Coaching Community

Lead Well. Do Good. Drive Change.

Climate Emergency
Racial Equity
Human Trafficking
Healthy Communities

Creating Solutions to Global Issues:

Climate Emergency, Healthy Communities, Human Trafficking and Racial Equity

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Josie McLean
Laurence Hillman
Garry Schleifer
Shariff Abdullah
Cathy Mott
Neil Scotton

Global Change Agents at the Vanguard of Social Progress

Meet the Leaders

In 2022, the Be. Choose. Cause. Global Leader Community is hosting the Vanguard Conversation Series. Check out the talk schedule, then join the community and RSVP or watch playbacks after the sessions. 

Research with the American public shows that most people expect organizations to meaningfully advance social change, support causes and be transparent about it.

Do you think a company should get involved in social issues?

Corporate Social Media Report

*Source: The Corporate Social Mind Report, 2021

“Now is the time to hone in on the causes and issues that make the most strategic sense for a company to support, make it the focus of a long-term strategy that carries on regardless of the public’s expectations, and ensure such support permeates the business -- creating a truly sustainable social mindset.”*

We believe that the common thread between all major social issues is a history of inequity. inviteCHANGE solutions work to resolve this root cause in everyday relating and communicating. Our leaders deliver and witness the amplifying and positive effect of coaching with individuals and teams in any variety of enterprise.

Through our work with the Be. Choose. Cause. global leader community, we contribute our capability, time, and passion to four important social causes:

Climate Emergency ~ Racial Equity ~ Human Trafficking ~ Healthy Communities

  • Do you have the social mindset?
  • Do you have a plan for a social-action path forward?
  • If you answered YES to both questions, how are you strengthening and are you satisfied with your results?

We offer several ways to engage with inviteCHANGE and this global leaders’ community. Join us to explore ideas at the forefront of human development and societal wellbeing to disrupt the status quo of leadership. Engage with like-minded leaders in conversations and activities that provoke shifts in mindset, patterns, habits, and worldview. Coaching and coaches make a difference differently, by revealing new applications of skills and methods that bring fuller discernment and shape a world where all people love their life’s work.

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We welcome you to join the virtual Be. Choose. Cause. Global Leaders Community.

  • Access to free events and resources, plus opportunities for collaboration.
  • Engagement with global leaders and social progress partners to converse about what matters to you and collaborate on solutions.
  • Opportunities to act as a leader, a coach, or a supporter.
  • Tell us about you, your social cause interests and how you want to participate in this community.