7:30-8:00 am Pacific / 10:30-11:00 am Eastern

Leading with Humanity

.25 Core Competency CCEU, .25 Resource Development CCEU

It’s not policies on climate change, pandemics or inequality that will make the difference to our societies, but having those in authority lead and make decisions based on how those decisions impact people. Veronica Lysaght advocates for leading with humanity, saying you each have a responsibility to act with compassion and kindness in whatever work you do.


Veronica Lysaght has a background as a senior leader with extensive international management experience in government and the third sector. She has an outstanding track record of organisational growth and improvement, underpinned by a unique commercial, political and media background, including serving as a Press Secretary to a Government Minister. As Strategic Regional Director for the International Coach Federation, she instigated a coaching culture in her remote-working team based around Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), which led to the fastest growth of chapters globally. Veronica holds a Bachelor of Commerce & Management, a Masters of Counselling as well as being an experienced and certified coach. She’s most proud of creating a biography service for people who are dying that led to a movement in the hospice sector. Whenever she can find a practical way to build community and improve society, she will engage people to make it happen.