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Continuing Coach Education Programs

Voice Dialogue 2 for Coaching

Refresh and deepen your previous Voice Dialogue Coaching experience

Program Details

7 Contact Learning Hours

Delivered in our virtual course room in (4) 2-hour sessions.

CCEs: 7 - 2 Resource Development, 5 Core Competencies

Program Price: $575USD

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn new approaches to, and gifts of, judgment
  • Deepen your work with the Inner Critic and your Vulnerable Selves
  • Develop more effective tools for relationships through the understanding of Bonding Patterns
  • Work with your ‘special’ and ‘ordinary’ selves
  • Learn to connect or ‘link’ with others in the intensity of your choosing

Voice Dialogue II is designed to refresh and deepen your previous Voice Dialogue Coaching experience and give you new Voice Dialogue tools to practice and expand your Centered Consciousness. You will have more opportunity to practice and debrief Voice Dialogue as a facilitator and client. In this continuation of your exploration of how Voice Dialogue deepens and broadens your life and those of your clients.

Similar to your experience in Voice Dialogue I, we will focus on merging the Voice Dialogue process into your coaching, both as part of individual sessions and as an extension of your coaching practice as an offering for personal development, growth and overcoming obstacles and inertia. You will discover its relevance to all of the Core Competencies as an amplifier and catalyst for lasting change.

This course is open to all who have taken Voice Dialogue 1 for Coaching.

Forms of Payment, Cancellation & Refund Policy

Credit card payment is accepted by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Please review our Cancellation & Refund Policy for further details.