6:00-7:00 am Pacific / 9:00-10:00 am Eastern

Drive Disruption or be Outpaced

Hosted by Janet Harvey as part of International Coaching Week 2018

Innovation is both essential and messy disruptive for organizations. Professional coaching for leaders and by leaders inside of corporate systems is an innovation, causing individuals and teams to renew and restore access to innate creativity and the resourceful capacity that is inherent in being human. Support your clients to stop seeking a guru outside. Generate sessions that allow clients to look within, be brave and chose personal disruption as the path to sustainable excellence.

Often cited in CEO surveys as a top need to improve performance and sustain competitive advantage, innovation is also confused a great deal with invention and continuous improvement. Ultimately, the desire in organizations is that the status quo be disrupted so that the workforce is doing something different and useful not just doing the same thing better (continuous improvement) or simply creating a new idea or method (invention).

Join us for a lively, experiential session that will refine your coaching approach with leaders to drive disruption for organizational learning and leader development.

Key Outcomes for Attendees

  • Gain practical skills for how to coach others to be generative leaders
  • Transform your relationship with coaching leaders by starting the journey to sovereignty within you so you are a positive role model
  • Lean into the artful ICF Core Coaching Competency behaviors for evoking a growth mindset and commitment to Generative Wholeness

Internal reflection to be self-aware;

  • Discernment of behavior and beliefs in order to excavate blind spots and;
  • Brave change of mindset that fuels aligning decisions with what is true and essential, inside-out.