12:00-12:45 pm Pacific / 3:00-3:45 pm Eastern

Live Event: Coaching in 2020: What’s Your Vision?

Hosted by Sarah Graves, inviteCHANGE Chief Relationships Officer

"A vision without a plan is fantasy. A plan without a vision is mediocrity."

This webinar is where vision and plan meet to ignite and invite change in 2020.

How to clarify and empower your vision:

1. Vision from Essence Beyond Context and Circumstances (The What?)

2. Tools to Use throughout 2020 and beyond:

Learn and use the I + A = M model

3. Learn how to apply these tools for choosing conscious action that manifest personal sovereignty and generative living

Register and Receive:

The Personal Empowerment Game(PEG) to reinforce habit change and honor the activities that enliven you physically, emotionally, spiritually and professionally

Set your 2020 vision in motion to live and play with purpose as the optimal pathway for sustainable excellence!

With special guest Jan Berg, MCC, inviteCHANGE Delivery Leader and Mentor Coach