8:00-9:00 am Pacific / 11:00-12:00 pm Eastern

Webinar with marcus evans

To Build Coach-Centered Culture Your Business Needs Architects

Learn how three organizations are building a coach-centered culture and how adopting strategy, project planning and oversight architects have been essential ingredients for success.
Culture is occurring all the time and choosing to influence and evolve culture requires diligence. Every step of building must align with desired business performance, the envisioned growth for the enterprise and the readiness for change at every level of the organization – from the front line to the boardroom.

Key Take-Aways for the Listeners

  • Learn how taking the time to thoughtfully imagine and plan, is the formula to expedite implementation.
  • Discover the likely speed bumps in the change process and strategies to anticipate and mitigate any negative impacts with roll out.
  • Ignite your vision for influencing executive leadership to adopt this leading-edge talent strategy in your organization.