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Be The Cause

The inviteCHANGE Difference

We build cultures where people love to work so companies enjoy sustainable excellence. Since 1997, we have delivered generative learning and coaching experiences for leaders from the front line to the board room. Being generative is the dynamic capacity to originate, create, learn and produce results. We transfer the framework for learning, change and disciplined measurement to your organization through character development solutions so that leaders are generative.

Our work begins with each individual to awaken awareness, gain clarity, break through limitation and restore access to his or her unique essence so that we thrive every day. To enjoy a meaningful, satisfying and inspiring life requires bold and creative leadership with ourselves and in how we engage others.

Why inviteCHANGE?

Recognized Industry Champions

Our leaders were bold champions for coaching from the beginning. As coaching emerged in the early 90’s as a distinct field of practice in North America, we contributed thousands of volunteer hours to clarify and articulate the standards for coach demonstration competency as well as approaches for curriculum to ensure consistency and excellence while supporting the unique artfulness of each coach trained. We sustain our roots today as volunteer leaders at the global and local level for the International Coach Federation, by being practicing ICF Credentialed Member coaches, Certified Mentor Coaches and Course Leaders offering innovations for coaching training, advanced coach development, coaching services and the application of coaching in organizational settings.

inviteCHANGE practitioners catalyze people to engage boldly, coach purposefully, partner respectfully and lead authentically. We witness that:

  • Leaders are challenged with building a thriving culture.
  • Beyond expertise leaders must engage diverse team members, build synergy and win, over and over.
  • Character development is the new frontier of leadership development.
  • inviteCHANGE delivers measurable solutions to address the high cost of low workplace trust.

Our solutions strengthen your leaders influence on workplace climate so that how your people behave is the organization’s unique competitive advantage.

The foundation of a healthy workplace is trust. Trust builds through effective relating, civility and consistent practice of both. 80% of research respondents indicate lost work time either by worrying about an uncivil incident or avoiding the offender. Research further reveals that 12% of people leave a job because of uncivil treatment, 25% admit to taking frustrations out on customers and 38% report intentionally reducing performance.

Built through the science of character development, inviteCHANGE practitioners transform culture to generate sustainable excellence through internal character development that empowers external agility. We partner with our customers to strengthen institutional capacity by building great teams, great team leaders, a climate for innovation and a workplace that thrives and plays with purpose.

Bold Commitment to Excellence

Over the past 16 years inviteCHANGE has trained thousands of individuals to become professional coaches and to apply a coach-approach as leaders in organizations. We listen to understand what you want and deliver the learning, development, coaching and consulting solutions that bring people together, to rally behind the cause and generate leadership that yields consistent, positive results for clients, professional coaches, teams, organizations and business. inviteCHANGE as an organization is a champion for personal and professional sovereignty so that people act from integrity and with response-agility.

Learning that Drives Thriving

The empowering outcome of generative coaching in organizations occurs when leaders generate an environment of acceptance, trust, curiosity, open-minded listening and well-grounded decision-making. It is a way of being we call, Generative Wholeness. This is available personally as well. When individuals acknowledge, and access a dynamic capacity to originate, create, learn and produce results – in other words, be generative – potential is liberated. Combining this with wholeness, the freedom to express from our Essence yields an ability to embrace change and diversity with new behaviors and skills that foster productivity, innovation, civility and effectiveness in every part of our lives.

Our Learning Philosophy

In order to generate sustainable change that improves performance, leaders must engage team members differently than tradition suggests. The engagement required today is a process that requires bold and creative behavior that enables others to break through limitation. Each of us is a leader and we must learn to accept that each person is whole, capable, resourceful and creative. This mindset creates the climate for others to liberate potential.

Liberating potential creates a breakthrough that is generative and flows from a well of energy and possibility that springs from within. It manifests itself as a clear and conscious presence that is fearlessly creative and unconditionally curious. It is a purposeful choice guided by precision and grace that helps leaders to coach purposefully, partner respectfully, and lead authentically. Through the experiences of our lives we gain perspective and when we engage with each other in a mutual learning environment catalytic insight generates.

This describes the quality you can expect from an inviteCHANGE learning experience. We foster alignment and action that increases the level and availability of individual engagement so that each person becomes a confident agent and navigator of change, and to be the cause of that change. To break old patterns and bring wholeness forward, each of us must chose to contribute our whole selves to the process and "Be the Cause."

Our Company

Our core purpose is to live and play with purpose. Our mission, by which we fulfill this purpose, to catalyze people to:

  • Engage boldly
  • Coach purposefully
  • Partner respectfully
  • Lead authentically

Our Guiding Principles

  • We embody Generative Wholeness
  • We inspire Personal and Professional Sovereignty
  • We advocate Integrity and Response-Agility
  • We practice the 4Cs of Professional Presence
    • Claim
    • Connect
    • Communicate
    • Collaborate

Our Values

  • Synergy
  • Curiosity
  • Spirit
  • Vitality
  • Transformation
  • Bliss