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Lyssa deHart, MCC

Generative Wholeness Practitioner

Bainbridge Island, WA
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877-228-2622 Ext 218

Lyssa deHart, LICSW, CMC, MCC specializes in the development of human beings, seeking to bring their very best self forward into their families, their teams, their organizations, and communities. Our ability to expand our awareness, get curious about our reoccurring narratives, allows us to lead from a place of conscious authenticity. Lyssa’s clients develop themselves at a foundational level. She uses humor and playfulness to explore their deep and often unconscious limiting stories so that they can choose the stories that they want to explore, keep, set at the curb, or rewrite.

Lyssa deHart, MCC


Lyssa is the author of StoryJacking: Change Your Dialogue, Transform Your Life, she is a Leadership Confidence and Whole Life Coach. Lyssa works with confidence-challenged high achievers who are ready to rewrite the internal narratives that slow them down. Her clients include executives, senior leadership, and managers at organizations such as Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, the US Military, as well as creative writers, actors, and artists.


Lyssa is an ICF Certified Mentor Coach and course leader with an inviteCHANGE. Lyssa received her Master of Social Work (MSW) in Family and Systems Theory in 1995. She uses her understanding of the ICF Core Competencies, combined with her knowledge of Neuroscience, to work with Professional Coaches.

Lyssa is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach (MCC), an inviteCHANGE Certified Mentor Coach and the 2017 Past President of the ICF Washington State Chapter. She has extensive experience working in systems, with leaders in personal and professional development, and in supporting healthy relationships. Coaching competency is supplemented with accreditations with the EQi 2.0, the Hogan Assessment Tool, the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and she is a Tilt 365 Certified Practitioner.


  • Entrepreneur: Lyssa helped me immensely in clarifying the real issues around several business priorities. Not only did I feel deeply understood and appreciated, but her skill in posing just the right questions regarding the agenda was very productive and helped me to understand how and where to focus my energy and time. She is both very personable, warm, and supportive, and also very effective and efficient at finding just the right questions to be pondering. I ended up feeling a deep sense of ease and calm, feeling confident that I was focusing on the right things for me and my business (and clients) now.
  • Executive: My experience being coached by Lyssa was fabulous. Her approach is authentic, fun, and impactful. There was never a wasted meeting, even when I came to a session without a pressing need (or just unprepared). Some things we'd discuss, like new approaches to challenges, I'd remember through the metaphors that always peppered our conversations. The metaphors became easy reminders that helped turn these new approaches into new habits. I walked in with some specific goals (and fears) and walked out confident in my path going forward. Lyssa is a wellspring of insight and I am sure I will return to her often.
  • Movie Director: One of the biggest unexpected bonuses of coaching is how I learned a new habit of ongoing self-assessment in my work and personal life. It’s been a great process and a lot of very helpful changes have taken root in my life as a result of the time we spent collaborating and coaching.