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Enterprise Solutions

Generative Coaching for Individuals

At a Glance

  • 180-day process supported with data, a tailored Individual Development Plan and coaching.
  • Intentional development planning incorporates three inventories for character trait development: Change Mindset, True Tilt Profile and Positive Influence Predictor.
  • 14 hours of personalized, individual sessions offered on a custom schedule to receive professional coaching based upon desired growth and outcomes. On call support available by email and short phone calls throughout.
  • Resources and tools provided to facilitate effective peer and superior influence based on the values, principles, and practices congruent with company purpose and strategies.
  • Mid-point, end-point and post-engagement data collection and feedback on development progress are provided in writing to the leader-candidate, direct manager and, when desired, coaching program director.

Whole Person Vertical Development for Leadership Excellence

A professional coaching partnership is a deeply personal process tied directly to development that strengthens capacity that drives organizational outcomes and excellence. Disrupted routines and a call for heightened use of creativity and agility that characterize our modern enterprise climate, requires a different focus in leader development. Primarily, the change required now must support leaders to move beyond personality management and technical acumen to incorporate whole person character and strategic development.


  • Individuals in roles from operational manager to the C-suite who are recognized as talent with potential to optimize through vertical development in advance of role change and expansion of responsibilities.
  • Individuals with a strong performance track record despite challenges with emotional intelligence, empathy and driving a high engagement and high development climate.

The Generative Coaching for Individuals Experience

Success with coaching requires thoughtful preparation and participation. A coach and leader candidate design, create and discuss together, in a confidential and tailored fashion, the choices and actions for professional development to fulfill organizational goals relevant for the leader, their team and the sponsor.

The leader candidate receives coaching support to prepare and engage in meaningful development conversations with their direct manager. Strengthening this partnership for a development focus accelerates building organizational capacity in advance of strategic need. Leaders gain agility to respond more quickly to market opportunities while optimizing that leader’s contribution to current organizational results.

During the coaching engagement, the goal is for the leader candidate to gain greater self-awareness, strategies to leverage strengths, clarity about influence and impact on others, understanding for how to generate more effective alliances and more confidence for collecting and reflecting on feedback that supports continuous self-development.

At the end of the engagement, appropriate closing documents and measurement of desired outcomes are completed through the Coaching End-Point Progress report. All key stakeholders review this written document and, when desired, a final triad meeting is held between the coach, the candidate-leader and the leader’s direct-manager to discuss progress and future planning. Approximately two to three months after the coaching assignment has ended, the coach contacts the candidate-leader to assess how development is progressing against the original coaching goals.




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