Karen Lynch, ACC

Oregon City, OR

inviteCHANGE licenses: Certified Professional Coach

As a coach, I partner with people to bring forward their best selves, to help mine the gems that can be found within each person. None of us can do it alone. We all need another to accompany us on our grand journey towards our ultimate purpose.

I know that everyone functions from a positive intent. I look for that positive intent that motivates thoughts and actions. I am committed to supporting your effort to highlight the gifts that you long to bring forward. My approach is to work with what you know is best for you.

On my way towards getting a master’s degree, I discovered that there is a profession called coaching. This brought to light that I have been coaching for over 30 years. After completing the degree in group and family communication, I completed a professional coach training with inviteCHANGE. I’m proud to be certified with the International Coach Federation.

I’m here to assist in whatever way works for you. It might be coming up with an outlandish idea that shakes free the imagination needed to go in a new direction. Or, it might be handing you the tool to mine the gems within you. Or, it might be questioning to assure the choice and plan are solid. Mostly, it’ll be giving voice to that part of you that knows you have a special gift that your world needs, right now. Let me be your accompaniment on the journey to your greatness.

Karen Lynch, ACC