Tamara Wichniewicz

Victoria, BC Canada
http://TamaraCoach.com |

Coaching types: Leadership & Executive, Life Purpose & Personal Development

inviteCHANGE licenses: Certified Professional Coach

My Mission: Engaging people to make a difference, to empower, to re-claim dreams, to coach purposefully and skillfully, to UNTANGLE, to act respectfully, to create sustainable change and to have fun.

My goal in coaching practice is to create safe space where dreams could be seen, examined, actualized and tested in real life.

I am primarily serving YOUTH, who wants to have safe place to discover, name and own their strengths, talents and dreams for a happy future; WOMEN who are at their life cross road and want to recognize new perspective; and goals oriented PROFESSIONALS who want to create and commit to their vision.

Professional colleagues and clients speak of me as open hearted, bold, curious, purposeful, skillful, respectful and compassionate. I was born to serve and play.

Tamara Wichniewicz