7:00-9:00 pm Pacific / 10:00-12:00 am Eastern

inviteCHANGE Celebration

Hosted by CEO & Director of Training, Janet M Harvey, MCC

For the past 20 years, inviteCHANGE has been the leader in Global Coach Certification. We pioneered online experiential learning in 2007. Today’s workplace and lifestyle is transforming rapidly. Being connected in the virtual world with care and intimacy is the new essential capability. In recognition of this and the growing demand for coach certification around the world, we are expanding our options and increasing our virtual coach training programs.

Beginning in January 2019, inviteCHANGE will offer 4 start dates with 3 time slots for our Certified Professional Coach program. This shift to virtual, which is the reality today, allows for convenience and flexibility in learning. It empowers our reach around the globe, and allows more participants to experience Generative Wholeness™, and Be the Cause of sustainable excellence as coach on their own, inside their company or as their role as a leader.

inviteCHANGE will continue to deliver on-site coach training for enterprises. As we adapt to our zero geography, technology-enabled world, the training center in Edmonds will close on October 31, 2018. That means it’s time to acknowledge our history and catalyze our future!

Let's stroll down memory lane together. Sunday evening, October 7, 2018 inviteCHANGE team will be there with beverages and snacks and we hope you will join us to share a story or memory.

In person:

110 3rd Ave North, Suite 102, Edmonds, WA 98020

Or via ZOOM link below