5:45-8:45 pm Pacific / 8:45-11:45 pm Eastern

Quality Requires Artful Wrestling

Quality Requires Artful Wrestling

Artful Wrestling requires an internal stance of beginner's mind so that we become aware of the boundaries, borders, buffers and blinders that operate in the field between us and our clients, hindering client leadership in our partnership.

Coaches will:

  • Learn about the value of reflection of practice as espoused through the discipline of coaching supervision.
  • Acquire a set of practices to both inspect and reflect on client intereactions in order to discover opportunities to increase quality.
  • Identify at least one assumption, preference or bias about being a coach that is limiting client leadership and have a plan for change.

2 Hours of Core Competency CCEU - Join Join Janet Harvey at the May event of the Oregon Charter Chapter of International Coach Federation discuss 'Quality Requires Artful Wrestling'.