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Christine Gao, MCC

Generative Wholeness Practitioner & Certified Mentor Coach

Renton, WA
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Christine is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Director of Executive Coaching with Cornerstone International Group in China. A bi-lingual (Mandarin/English) Executive, Leadership & Team Coach, Christine is recognized for her in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of supporting senior leaders, leadership teams on enhancing leadership effectiveness, deep collaboration, embracing change and wellbeing of individuals and organizations as a whole. Christine is committed to providing executives and teams with the highest value, world-class Executive Coaching and team coaching services.

Christine Gao, MCC


Bringing over 20+ years of international business and corporate experiences, a deep appreciation of business practices and cultural differences between East and West, an insightful global perspective, Christine brings a unique perspective to her coaching with a business result-oriented coaching approach. She empowers and supports executives and leaders at all levels of an organization to reflect on their experiences and explore new strategies to make their endeavors an effective and positive experience.


Christine has a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from Peking University in China. She holds a Master of Global Affairs degree from the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. Received her ICF PCC in 2006, she has 2000+ hours of executive and team coaching practices. Christine is also a Certified Team Coach with TCI, certified Stakeholder Centered Coach, certified Mentor Coach with InviteChange , and certified practitioner with assessment tools including Harrison, MBTI, Lumina and True Progress 360 assessments.

Success stories

  • CEO of Joint Venture in China (MNC 500 Manufacturer from US): Coached this female CEO of one of the key JVs of this American MNC in China, on building a higher level of leadership capacity to vulnerability and authentic leadership. Expanding on her already excellent performance, coaching supported the CEO to gain awareness of her own leadership style, her purpose and goal with the organization. She moved to a higher global role after 6 months from completion of coaching.
  • Leadership Team of JV in China (Medical appliances MNC from Germany): The 8-month leadership team coaching group focused on building deep level of trust, constructive conflict and building a more cohesive team. Five Dysfunctions of Team model was introduced throughout the team coaching process to build not only a cohesive team, but also focusing on a short-term performance goal which was achieved beyond expectations upon completion of the team coaching program.
  • Senior Leadership Team of a World leading provider of compressors, vacuum solutions, air treatment systems: The two-day team coaching and workshop supported the senior leadership team of JV and operations in China to explore strategies and reach agreement to deal more effectively with the “New Norm” faced by the organization with the dramatic change of commercial environment. Initiatives were identified to execute the plan.
  • Senior Leadership Team of a Tobacco JV between UK and China: The two-day team coaching and workshop focused on facilitating deep level of trust between China and UK colleagues, shared understanding of a vision and mission, and ways to work effectively and collaboratively. Appreciating cultural differences and similarities is essential to a cohesive team.